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¸•´¯) Always beside Conan, TDC is forever Link giải đáp thắc mắc: (Sẽ cập nhật) Joe Biden. He will not let Detective Boys or Ran be a part of his plan to bring down BO. Detective ConanのED43「恋に恋して」COVER ~Read me~I know I made some spelling mistakes. Vms38023. is linked to a mysterious explosion at Edge of Ocean, Tokyo’s new cutting-edge technology district, and the proposed site of the international Tokyo Summit. Also I really hope it doesn't end at Tropical Land, they were just extorting the owner for money and don't have any actual ties to it. SoundCloud. The opening shows the introduction song to the anime and ending shows the outro of the anime. Remember to join my Discord server! Ai is already testing an antidote on Kudo and it's most likely she will be the source of his cure. The fact that they were still looking for a programmer, after already requesting Itakura, hints to that he might've been slowing down on his work, probably because of his eyesight going bad and that he had doubts. I'm scared that something like this will actually happen. They force him to ingest an experimental poison, but instead of killing him, the poison transforms him into a child. Another hint to that is Sherry's name, "Miyano Shiho", was written in a guest book of people who wished for longer lives(File 281)(below). Balasan. The "mad scientist" is clearly a reference to Frankenstein, where Frankenstein created an artificial human. I'm expecting a bit more but its a long series with so many characters so it should be long enough to satisfy everything and I hope Gosho sensei doesn't keep any lose ends on Conclusion ! I don't think he will even consider telling the Detective Boys about the existence of BO. Whatever the software does, If the it's used incorrectly, it could potentially harm humanity, which is what Itakura was implying(File 380). Blogs and Reddit have been flooded since the True Detective Season Three finale on Sunday with theories about the ending. THE END 14. Even if that was the case, it was a very sloppy move to burn them in their research laboratory, since it could burn important research data and materials that they need, which it did(File 948)(below). SoundCloud. ^^, A place to express all your otaku thoughts about anime and manga. And the final page shows Shinichi’s son Conan and the new Detective Boys helping his father solve his latest case.While the background of the original Conan invisible in the skies waves goodbye to the readers. [THEORY] Detective conan (or in foreign countries Case closed) is a long running detective manga series by Gosho Aoyama is about Shinichi Kudo a teen prodigy detective who solved many cases until he was thought to be killed by the members of the group called the Black Organization. Assuming the parents death wasn't an accident, If they wanted to change the directory of the SB(Silver Bullet) project towards their goal, than the easiest way is by manipulating them into doing it through threats, instead of killing them and use their infant daughter. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This also leaves me to believe that the accident was orchestrated by Vermouth, who we know has shown reasons to stop their research. Didn't Ran actually realize that Conan is Shinichi? The life of Wayne Hays (Mahershala Ali) has slowly unfurled non-chronologically over past eight weeks on HBO, using his major unsolved case as a way to explore the power of memory and time in a wholly unexpected way. One thing for sure, any version of the ending should feature both Shin'ichi and Conan saying "I am Shin'ichi Kudo / Conan Edogawa, famous detective!" Given the long run of “Detective Conan” episodes, some fans have theorised that it may only end in 2022. Detective Conan Ending 14. In that case, the true effect of the drug is likely to "speed-up aging"/"rushing growth"(not necessarily just on humans). This is the list of things i don't think will happen (obviously from your list). It's unknown who this was ordered by. Votes: 220 Detective conan (or in foreign ... My guess on how Detective Conan will end [THEORY] Close. If that's the case, going back to Yukiko and Conan's suspicion about the software's purpose, maybe Vermouth wants to use the software to hide information on "the drug's progress"/"her double identity"/"Miyano's accident". Nice ! Spoilers! Conan ending announced! Contrary to the expectations of people all over the world! ! !A sail | [will] Lieutenant | Subscribe | send message | ReportPosted on: 2014/10/03 8:10 pm (4 days ago)Dr. is bad. TENNEN (Hozumi) Physical feeling happy theory. I agree and like everything, except Ran finding out. In its last 15 minutes, Clue offers up three separate endings, each giving a different answer to the mystery of whodunit. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. You should definitely hop back into the plot. True Detective season 1 is a revered piece of television.Coming out in the midst of TV’s Golden Age, it managed to stand apart from the crowd thanks to its A-list cast members, visual flair, and Reddit-baiting mystery.Not since Lost had a series sent people scurrying to the internet in search of answers and theories after each episode. With Minami Takayama, Wakana Yamazaki, Hoang Khuyet, Akira Kamiya. She basically will Hint to Shinichi that she knew the whole time or most of the time, but he never came out and told her. make detective conan happy ending!if not,i weel cry 1000days,huaaaaa!semoga shinichi nikah ama ran!aaaamiiiin bangeeeet! So what does this say about the APTX research, the BO's true goal? Since we know that the Black Organization wanted to create a different drug from what Sherry's parents wanted to make(which we can assume is longevity/halt aging), it confirms Gosho's statement. can you explain the term "Private Detective of Police Department"? S / New - … Stream Detective Conan Opening & Ending Songs, a playlist by Janie SJ from desktop or your mobile device. He revealed, when Detective Conan first started, "I thought that it would end in 3 months." 80% Upvoted. "Recently, in terms of acceptance of Shogakukan magazine interview, he said, intends scheduled within the year ending Detective Conan." In 1996 werd het verhaal verwerkt tot een anime-reeks die nog steeds loopt.Er zijn ook verscheidene OVA's (12) en films (20) verschenen. Cookies help us deliver our Services. . This comment is something similar to what Vermouth would say(talking about God and Angels). The Boss might've previously tried to achieve something like a "growth speed-up/rushing drug", and ended up shrinking as a result from a prototype side-effect, as a form of "punishment". Yeah ,I think the major death will happen in the penultimate arc along with Conan's identity exposed to Ran who is shocked by this revelation.And I think the where are they now part to every characters of the series who are promoted will happen in the final chapter after the penultimate chapter when Conan begins to take the cure or maybe in the extra pages of the final volume tankobon and I think the loose ends will be resolved in the final storyarc if that happens, And thank for your appreciating my theory. Case Closed, known as Meitantei Conan (名探偵コナン, lit.Great Detective Conan, officially translated as Detective Conan) in Japan, is a Japanese detective manga series written and illustrated by Gosho Aoyama.The series is serialized in Shogakukan's Weekly Shōnen Sunday since February 2, 1994. - Itakura's software's purpose is probably to ultimately hide the progress of the research, Vermouth's double identity or/and the truth behind the Miyano accident. [+666 / -12] It'll end in 2020, right? Disclaimer: They belong to Gosho Aoyama. If for some reason, however unlikely, the caller wasn't Vermouth who talked to Itakura, then the cat in the background could attest to that, since Vermouth has never been shown with a cat. Even Aoyama himself is … What we know about the Silver Bullet project and Haibara's parents is: - Atsushi Miyano was considered a "Mad Scientist" because of his abnormal style of thinking and theories(File 384). The last thing they'd want would be a 'cure' to revert them to their natural age. Detective Conan Opening & Ending Songs by Janie SJ published on 2016-11-07T11:20:46Z. btw can i just say this theory deserves a lot more likes- like holy hell man. So then what clues do we have? everything would come together too- like the reason why sherry’s real name was on the list at the island- since she’d been investigating the ‘immortality’ thing too, and how vermouth doesn’t age either. 1 Sinopsis 2 Vídeo 3 Letra 4 Curiosidades 5 Imágenes *Este ending no muestra el resumen del capitulo que… Going by the logic that the research is deeply connected to the Boss, this statement could be indicating that the APTX research is more beneficial to the Boss than to other random people.

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