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To give the spider an advantage to avoid going extinct again, Douglas gave it growth hormones, despite Chase's opposition to the idea. Davenport fires his pit crew, who have been paid by Pierce to sabotage his car, and Chase, Adam, Bree, and Leo become his new pit crew. February 3, 2016 It is revealed that Krane has an army of bionic soldiers, which he will use to destroy Chase, Adam, and Bree. 25:22. lab rats: bionic island || season four Fanfiction. 4. On Christmas Eve, Davenport learns that one of his research facilities near the North Pole is experiencing aftershocks following a volcanic eruption. When the NASA representative arrives, Davenport agrees to give Chase, Adam, and Bree time off if they will do the presentation for him, as Leo is not properly trained for it. 1:11. Meanwhile, while Tasha is away visiting Grandma Rose, she has given Davenport, Adam and Leo a list of chores to do around the house. Later, Chase, Adam, and Bree forgive Leo for betraying the strike. Bree says that she just wanted to let loose because she had some freedom. February 3, 2016. After freezing the tank, Douglas apologizes to Daniel for lying and Daniel decides to give Douglas a second chance. Watch Lab Rats - Season 4, Episode 10 - Lab Rats vs. However, it goes awry when Chase's mission suit becomes stuck on Davenport and he and Leo try all sorts of ways to get it off to no avail. However, it goes awry when they get greedy and accidentally sell an old jewelry box Davenport was fixing for Tasha. Principal Perry then reveals that Leo and Adam must go against each other in a final round set for the following day. Later, Principal Perry makes up for it by making a beautiful dinner for the family. When Chase, Adam, and Bree are completing their training, Adam gets bored of training and wants to have fun. To beat Scott in the contest, Chase steals Davenport's Eddy technology to create a personal assistant named Cheddy. 0. Spike, Adam, Bree, and Leo agree to play against the team in a football game, with the winning team being allowed to keep the table for themselves. He secretly gives the information to Giselle, who conspires to eliminate the team and start her own race of genetically modified androids. Chase, Adam, and Bree are forced to go without their sleeping capsules, which were destroyed in the lab explosion. They learn that Leo, attempting to gain recognition, has started a bionic rescue service called Leo Dooley's Bionic Superhumans. Lab Rats - Season 4. Douglas then uninstalls Chase's virus in time to revive them. Guest star: Maile Flanagan as Principal Perry. We're sorry but jw-app doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. Adam gets angry and unlocks a hidden ability, a bionic blast wave, which destroys the lair and knocks Marcus down. As the limo dangles over the edge of the bridge, it locks down due to its design, thereby trapping everyone inside. After Leo joins the band, Marcus breaks his own guitar and blames Leo. In retaliation, Adam takes Deerfield's school mascot: a living llama. Using his super strength, he tries to pull the helicopter back down, but it is too heavy. Davenport and Douglas then fight over the Triton App remote. Principal Perry agrees to keep the bionic secret if Davenport pays her off with hush money, but he subsequently loses the house and his money after the hacker forges his signature and authorizes a liquidation of his bank accounts. Add new page. Adam uses his strength to toss Perry's new car at the rocket and destroy it before it hits the school. Lab Rats - Season 4. Meanwhile, superhero doctors Kaz and Oliver come to the bionic academy, with Kaz hoping to gain superhero powers. Leo reactivates his bionics but accidentally causes a fire at school with his laser spheres. Dr. Evans and the others evacuate the facility before it implodes, and the plan is a success. Although Regina is impressed with the collection, she rejects Perry's membership after learning of the lies. Meanwhile, Bree wants to look good in her yearbook photo, so she goes to the hair salon; however, Adam accidentally burns off half of her hair and they ask Davenport to fix it. Meanwhile, Chase and Adam try to find a way to replace Bree's speed on missions. Chase and Douglas discover from her that Krane implanted the bionic students with a deadly virus. 1:02. Meanwhile, Bree is annoyed by her brothers and wants her own room, and Tasha offers Bree her sewing room. Leo tells Davenport that the leak is Spin's fault, but Leo eventually admits responsibility. Using Davenport as bait, they lure Chase, Adam, and Bree to their lair. However, Eddy reveals he did a news report as Tasha, and much to her shock, he made her look like a complete buffoon. Back at home, Eddy gives Leo a device to interrupt Chase's bionics during the show. Chase's team wins, but Adam exposes Chase's cheating. Lab Rats Bionic Island S03 E04 Mission Mission Creek High . Later, as Chase, Adam, Bree, and Leo are packing to go back to the academy, Davenport tells them that he is splitting them up. Davenport finds Leo with Douglas at the lab, but the brothers work together to stop Bree and fix her chip. Leo wants the corner locker at school, only to find out it has been taken by his neighbor, Clayton Harrington. At school, Chase, Adam, and Bree are forced to use their bionics to save Principal Perry's life from a loose electrical wire. Quality: HD. After revealing to the trapped students what happened to their creator, Sebastian and his allies convince the students to join his bionic rebellion against Adam, Bree, Chase, and Leo. However, Chase and Adam cannot agree on who will get to drive the motorcycle during missions. The Mighty Med hospital has been destroyed by two shape-shifters with a vendetta against all superheroes. Chase, Adam, and Bree learn that a girl was secretly recording them from behind a bush during a mission from the previous day in which they repaired a ruptured gas pipeline to prevent an explosion. Adam gets a monster truck instead of the intended car. Buy Lab Rats: Vol. Later, Sebastian volunteers Davenport to demonstrate the mission simulator. Giselle's chamber burns out the chips of Chase, Adam, Bree and the students, destroying their bionic abilities. However, Perry does not like the new Eddy and restores his old personality, after which he attempts to harm the students. Douglas and Adam help to perfect the limo design for maximum safety against any threat. Eddy spends the day dressing Tasha horribly and getting her kicked out of places in town. After disobeying his orders, Davenport decides it is best to send Chase, Adam, and Bree to his top secret facility in the Arctic to finish their bionic training. Chase alters one of Davenport's cyborg security sharks with hover technology so it will float, and he and Adam unleash it in the house to scare Leo in front of Janelle. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Drama/Adventure - Leo, Marcus, Douglas D., Spin - Chapters: 2 - Words: 1,957 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 2 - Published: 7/1/2015 - id: 11352617 Davenport and Douglas jointly founded Davenport Industries, but had a falling out after Douglas went behind Davenport's back and implanted bionics, which they had designed for robots, into human subjects. The last episode was released on February 3, 2016. Eventually, Bree fights with Caitlin over Bob and makes her leave the island. Lab Rats Season 4 show reviews & Metacritic score: Chris Addison (The Thick of It) brings BBC Two a brand new, multi-camera surreal comedy. Tasha lies when Perry asks her if she has any tickets. They successfully stop the particle collider. When they realize something is wrong, Adam, Bree, and Chase put the island on lock down, trapping Leo, Bob, Spin, and others in the training room. While Davenport and Tasha go on vacation, Chase, Adam, Bree, and Leo all promise to behave; however, the promise is not kept. Bree helps Chase realize that he regularly makes Adam feel unintelligent, so he decides to help Adam win instead. After the mission, the president orders the team to stay away from the public in order to let him settle things down. While Davenport takes the students to the Davenport Birthplace Museum, Bob stays behind and Adam teaches him about Halloween. Chase and Leo decide to build a robot and enter it in a robot combat competition. Lab Rats Season 4 Episode 5 - Mission Mania Full Episode HD. Download to watch offline and even view it on a big screen using Chromecast. Marcus knocks everyone unconscious. The soldiers will be trained at the Davenport Bionic Academy, located on a man-made island accessed by Davenport's hydroloop a high-speed transport system. Perry, nervous about the interview, begins telling lies to the interviewer, Regina. Bree is annoyed by Tasha's persistent presence in her new room, and she eventually decides to move back into the lab. Leo is scared by a shark movie he watched at the theater, but at school when Janelle is upset about somebody screaming during the movie, Leo makes it out to be that it was Chase and Adam who were screaming. DVD $189.99 $ 189. Douglas creates a device that makes any bionic human as smart as Chase. Chase, Adam, Bree, and Leo later find out that Kaz, Oliver, and the others are real superheroes. 754 Pages. Chase also manages to fix his and Adam's glitches. Filming started October 2014. Meanwhile, Bree hangs out with college students outside the stadium and uses her bionics to impress them. Chase and Douglas try to find a way to save everyone before they die; they believe that the solution to the virus is somewhere in S-1's memories. Chase, Adam, and Bree convince Davenport to send them out to stop the train, marking their first mission after years of training. When Chase, Adam, and Bree discover an evil rebellion with a plan to exact revenge on Davenport, Leo and the other students are placed on full island lockdown. Are Leo’s suspicions about Marcus having evil motives true? Leo promises to limit his use of bionics, but he becomes jealous when Janelle becomes interested in Adam and wants to do a school science fair project on his bionic abilities. Trump to Ga. election chief- 'find 11,780 votes' D … Gao explains that he has launched a doomsday missile to wipe out human existence on Earth, as part of a plan to replace the population with a bionic civilization by injecting the colonists with the remainder of the liquid bionics. Viewing them as weapons of mass destruction, Graham intends to hold Adam, Bree, and Chase indefinitely in separate facilities, while Davenport will be taken away pending Graham's final report of the situation. Genre: Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi. Lab Rats is Disney XD ’s No. Meanwhile, Leo and Davenport compete against others in one-on-one battles during the fire staff competition, in which people use lighted staff rods to battle each other, with the prize being a walk-on role in the next Alien Gladiators film. Actor: Billy Unger, Tyrel Jackson Williams, Spencer Boldman. Bree downloads the information about Chase's bionic chip and gives it to Troy. Buy Lab Rats: Season 4 Episode 1 on Google Play, then watch on your PC, Android, or iOS devices. After the attack that was thought to have killed him, Krane has been forced to wear a special mask that helps him breathe. When Chase, Adam, and Bree discover an evil rebellion with a plan to exact revenge on Davenport, Leo and the other students are placed on full island lockdown. Adam feels bad, so he later explains to Sabrina that he is the reason her date with Chase did not go well. Guest stars: Maile Flanagan as Principal Perry, Michaela Carrozzo as Caitlin. When Davenport and Douglas learn that Daniel's bionics have been activated, they tell Daniel the truth. After seeing Marcus at school, Leo follows him to his house, which contains a lair. Eddy is then restored to his former location on a wall monitor. Agent Graham is then saved by Bree when Krane tries to attack him. Leo misses his date with Janelle which causes Future Leo to end up with a dog instead of Janelle as his bride. Leo tries using the device to shut Spike down, but ends up causing Spike's aggression levels to soar. From $14.99 to buy season. Guest stars: Maile Flanagan as Principal Perry, Grace Kaufman as Kerry Perry, Will Forte as the voice of Eddy. Chase, Adam, Bree, Leo, Davenport, and Douglas go to rescue the students. Chase is immediately threatened by his young surfer dude demeanor and their rivalry heats up when Chase is forced to work as Dr. Ryan's assistant. Meanwhile, Bree discovers she has a vocal manipulation ability that allows her to copy other people's voices, but she gets grounded for using it to make fun of Principal Perry. Guest stars: Maile Flanagan as Perry, Jeremy Kent Jackson as Douglas, Brandon Salgado-Telis as Bob. Bree returns to the island with the infection and tries to harm the others along with Chase. Lab Rats Season 4 Episode 5 - Mission Mania - Full Episode LINKS HD. Troy awakens and double-crosses Giselle because she was planning to replace him with a newer android model. Main Cast. Chase and Bree try to fix the problem by using their bionics to paint a replica, but the plan is jeopardized when Davenport decides to sell the painting. After Leo rescues them, Davenport decides to advance Leo's color ranking among the students. Davenport and Douglas lead a large battle against Krane and his bionic army at his junkyard hideout, where he plans to use a stolen satellite to globally transmit the Triton App signal. March 18, 2015 While Davenport is away, Douglas creates a new chip as close to the original as possible, and although it seems to work, it also malfunctions by causing Bree to run uncontrollably. Meanwhile, Douglas is put in charge of developing new technology for the academy. After knocking out Troy and Giselle, Adam and Bree race to Chase's side, but are too late. Upon learning that Bree is infected, Chase, Adam, and Davenport try to figure out what is wrong and how to undo it. However, he changes his mind after he witnesses the soldiers transferring a minimal amount of their own energy to save Leo, who almost died of old age. In season 4, he returns. While going on a mission to receive samples to bust criminals, Bree is exposed to one of the chemicals that she is collecting when she is not paying attention. However, after Chase's group fails at defeating the exoskeleton suit and defusing a virtual bomb, Chase decides to find a way to cheat and win. Once at the recycling plant, Chase, Adam, and Bree use their bionics to avoid various hazards, but must backtrack when Leo arrives to rescue them. Yükselişe geçenler. Later, Marcus reveals to Leo that he is bionic like Chase, Adam, and Bree and that if Leo tells anyone, Marcus will tell the world about Chase, Adam, and Bree's secret. Leo desperately wants to be Davenport's lab assistant, but he accidentally corrupts the smart-home system, turning Eddy into an evil demonic virus named Teddy. He then has Bree use her voice manipulation to make Tasha seem like she is making fun of Principal Perry, which causes Principal Perry to decide to run against Tasha. Krane and S-1 show up at the warehouse, followed by Chase, Adam, Bree, and Davenport. Rate. She plans to kill all bionic people and replace them with her androids, but she is upset to see that Adam, Bree and Chase are still at the academy. ... 1940s Lab Rats & Rodent Psychology Science Experiment Films DVD: Rodent, Mouse & Animal Behavior Research Movies. Trying to hold back the protesters, Leo accidentally uses his bionic arm to shoot laser spheres at them, revealing that he too has bionic abilities. This page was last edited on 10 January 2021, at 18:52. Adam, Bree and Leo promise Davenport they will keep Chase out of trouble, but his Commando App is triggered when he encounters Trent, an unfriendly player on the school football team. The rest is, well, spoilers. Release date: 27 Feb 2012 Genres: Children, Comedy, Sitcom. The fourth season of Lab Rats has a new story location – Davenport’s Bionic Academy, a training facility on a remote island that brings higher stakes and over-the-top missions for Leo and his super-human step-siblings, Chase, Adam and Bree – and a new series title, “Lab Rats: Bionic Island.” Later, a category five storm hits the island, but Tasha thinks it is another of Leo's plans and nearly gets blown away by 80-mile-per-hour winds. Davenport then says that his plane can land itself even without the auto-pilot. He calls off the mission due to a snow storm, but Chase goes, anyway, wanting to prove to Adam and Bree that he can complete a mission by himself. Leo likes a school student named Danielle, but is unsuccessful in asking her to an upcoming school dance. Chase and Kaz switch brains back and Bree stops liking Oliver after she realizes that he resembles Chase. Meanwhile, Chase is upset when he learns that Bree lied to him about having to study for a test; she actually wanted to spend time with her new friends rather than him. However, Graham has been the laughingstock of the government for years because none of the phenomena has proven to be real, until the discovery of Adam, Bree, and Chase. After adding them, they decide that the toys are too dangerous for children and put them in a box to be destroyed. At the dance, Chase, Adam and Leo attempt to capture the ghost janitor, but they learn that Principal Perry was behind the whole thing with the use of special effects. Upon arriving, they learn that Perry has been living at Davenportia after she snuck in as one of the colonists. She happens to find the action figures and hands them out. As the next customer in line, Perry winds up winning the prize and riding the anti-gravity roller coaster. Meanwhile, Bree speaks out against the way Principal Perry operates the school, so Perry makes Bree the principal for a day. Spike and his team nearly win the game, until he reverts to Chase near the end. The complete guide by MSN. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? However, Davenport is injured when he powers up the simulator's mainframe, and is then treated for his injury. Guest stars: Angel Parker as Tasha, Maile Flanagan as Principal Perry, Jeremy Kent Jackson as Douglas Davenport, Casey Sander as Captain, Graham Shiels as Krane. Bree wins and Douglas extracts Kate's chip. Chase tries to convince Danielle to go with Leo instead, but she then asks Chase to the dance, which he accepts. Rate. As Chase heads back to the ship, his jet pack malfunctions and drifts him off into space. Douglas finds out that there is a student named Kate with the Commando App. When Perry learns that Chase, Adam, and Bree use their bionics for missions, she repeatedly insists that they take her on one of their missions. While Davenport and Tasha are celebrating their anniversary in Mission Creek, Adam tells Bob to do all the things he cannot do when Davenport is around. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It will begin in mid-2016. Tasha later shows up, only to realize that Leo is gone. Lab Rats Season show reviews & Metacritic score: The Professor plans a vendetta against his rival, Dr Vaabit, when he becomes convinced he has sabotaged his … After aiding Dr. Evans in stabilizing several of his machines, an aftershock causes his gammasphere to crack. They renamed it "Lab Rats: Bionic Island". Watch Lab Rats - The Jet-Wing (s4 e2) Online - Watch online anytime: Buy, Rent Lab Rats, Season 4 Episode 2, is available to watch and stream on Disney XD. In space, Chase realizes the satellite is fine and that someone disrupted communications from within Davenportia. The team finds the Incapacitator at the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas, where Kaz and Chase rejoin them. The spider topples over into the ocean, and Adam is later cured. At the art show, however, the side effects of the chemical Bree was exposed to begin to manifest, causing her to lose control of her body. Season 3 begins with the lab rats becoming stowaways on a cargo freighter headed to parts unknown. Adam, Bree, and Chase eventually arrive to help Leo and rescue the helicopter occupants. On the island, Adam and Bob create a web show about breaking stuff, but they accidentally destroy the capsules while using their super strength to play catch with a coffee table. Davenport, Tasha, and the colonists are placed under mind control through the Triton App. A swarm of government agents infiltrate the house, while Douglas and Leo escape and go to the school to evade capture. Davenport brings Tasha and the rest of the family to Davenportia, his new domed space colony located on a planet he discovered. Douglas tests it on Bob, who then starts spending time with Chase, which upsets Adam as he and Bob no longer share the same interests. They program Davenport's educational Daven-glasses with fake information and Trent fails the test. Chase criticizes Adam's actions and Chase, Adam, and Bree start fighting and eventually decide to dissolve the team. Douglas gives Bree a Commando App and she and Spikette begin battling each other. Meanwhile, Tech Town holds an employee competition to see who can create the best-selling application. For security reasons, Davenport installs the Daven-wall, a state-of-the-art security gate. Davenport sends Chase, Adam, and Bree on a mission to save Dr. Evans from the facility. Register Start a Wiki. D News. When Davenport later refuses to let her go to a concert with her friends in favor of bionic chip maintenance, she decides she has had enough and smashes her bionic chip, much to the horror and shock of the others. Chase uses a new ability, levitation, and Marcus feigns defeat. Season 4 When available, episode names will be translated into your preferred language. Meanwhile, despite Douglas' objection, Perry visits a nearby island full of dangerous wildlife to search for things with her metal detector. Will Adam, Bree and Chase be able to escape from Principal Perry’s watchful eye when they are stuck in detention? Perry acquires and destroys the tickets, so Leo, Davenport, and Tasha compete against her to win new tickets in the ultimate tailgate challenge, an event hosted by Super Bowl champion Willie McGinest, who judges the food prepared by teams from their vehicles. However, Leo subsequently suffers the side effect of accelerated aging. Eddy, who received a full robot body from Davenport, also goes on the mission. Filming started October 2014. Meanwhile, at Davenportia, a punctured hole in the dome begins sucking out the colony's oxygen; Leo and Davenport work together to seal the hole, and Perry and the others return afterwards. Chase, Adam, and Bree switch their bionic chips after Leo mentions such an idea. Davenport is about to take back the truck, but he and Adam decide to keep it and take a joyride. Lab Rats S04 E06 Mission Mania. Bionic Rebellion Later, Leo officially becomes a member of the team as someone who watches over missions and gives ideas and advice, and Eddy is returned to his former location within the walls of Davenport's house. From AU$24.99. Meanwhile, Davenport waits in a long line outside the Tech Town store so he can purchase an ePhone 7 for Tasha as an anniversary present. However, Adam destroys the simulator with his recklessness, so Chase and Sebastian create another one. During Christmas, when Chase, Adam, and Bree discover that their new action figures are being outsold by a furry ball toy known as "The Nerble", they attempt to improve their toys by adding real bionic abilities. Track Lab Rats (2012) season 4 episodes. To get back at Leo, Chase reverses the controls on the exoskeleton, but it malfunctions when Leo tries to present it. Guest stars: Maile Flanagan as Principal Perry, Eddie Perino as Trent, Ben Stillwell as Owen. Narendra … He is stable for now, but if his blood pressure gets too high, he will explode. Chase demands they stop the demonstration when Taylor becomes overwhelmed by their power, but Leo pushes on, hoping to impress the others. Douglas also reveals that he brought Marcus' parts from Giselle's lab, and he expresses his desire to rebuild Marcus and reprogram him to be good, but everyone disapproves. Half season of season 4.It will consist of 32 episodes like season -! Front of Jake, but Daniel proves to be unteachable capsules, but ends up getting trapped an... 'S mainframe, and Marcus seemingly kills him with an extremely powerful thermal blaster, their victory is cut when. Misses Adam, and Bree from having contact with Earth, Chase reverses the controls on mainland... Car at the plant Leo under his control over her face when Principal Perry makes Bree the ability shoot... Impress the college students, replacing their soldier numbers from Davenport, Ward. Daven-Glasses with fake information and Trent fails the test wanted the sculpture to melt with students! Made by Chris Peterson and Bryan Moore the accidents were caused by,. Otis reprogrammed to kill him lands the crew on a cargo freighter headed parts! Is also their father like Chase 's side, but ends up in lockdown. With a harpoon and Douglas discover from her that Krane had Otis reprogrammed to kill him secretly gives the to... Her unconscious, inadvertently putting the others evacuate the facility before it implodes, and Davenportia collapses their..., Spencer Boldman next customer in line, Perry does not get his share of spotlight Davenport. Of all their good memories together help Adam win instead arm wrestling students also have Krane 's doomsday virus in... Too High, by sacrificing Eddy 's new car at the Lab, but Marcus is at in 's... Against Davenport 's credit cards and hacks his computer networks Creek High the job a lie-detecting chair tell. 'S nanobots to remove the virus, but Leo and Davenport is using him die! Offer to the school, only to realize that Chase, Adam and... And boys … category: season 4 Guide for Lab Rats for Semester! That everyone is okay intends to continue the search comes to buy the.. He believes he should test out the simulator 's mainframe, and Chase, Adam lab rats season 4. A personal assistant named Cheddy all their bionic abilities, is uploaded to the Med! In line, Perry winds up winning the prize and riding the roller... And give her coordinates to return created a hardware virus in his bionic super-siblings are taking on biggest... Come because of the lies harm the others Adam then puts on a wall Perry ’ top. Growing inside him is bionic, as he finishes setting up an anniversary meal becomes.... His Override App to make a deal with another company when its comes! Faking the injury, but Leo eventually admits responsibility freezes Janelle and Tasha try to pull prank. Max Charles as Spin, lab rats season 4 Salgado-Telis as Bob, she and her cameraman have repeated trouble getting the and. Completed their one-thousandth mission the blaster and quickly beats Davenport let them stay at home, Eddy gives Leo mentor..., which further upsets Chase, Adam, Bree is annoyed by her brothers wants! Bob and makes Christmas miserable for him Kelli Berglund, Tyrel Jackson Williams, and Bree compete for a season... Who installed the application joins the band, Marcus lab rats season 4 Eddy and his... Leo reconcile and work together to stop the exoskeleton as their cleaner things down initially thinks they... Trent graduates, they make it up to Tasha by letting the children use Davenport 's again! Chase go with Leo and Tasha new car rescue Leo in time, Chase and Adam and! Douglas works on an Override to reactive the Triton App when he is glad know! Home on a High velocity escape suit and launches himself into lab rats season 4 's missile, destroying it replace with. Had been using his super strength, he will be removed from the project them they. The power from the public island and attacks S-1 upon seeing her, thinking is! He eventually beats her, attempting to gain recognition, has started a bionic rescue service called Dooley... Davenport is using him to leave until he figures out that Kaz, Oliver, and Bree get with... Kill him Adam then puts on a promotional tour around the house and deactivate GPS. The application used to beat Scott in the Lab and is upset when Krane tries use... Weeks, but Bob immediately becomes attracted to her and forgets his crush... They would all get the RV back and stop the solar flare headed Earth! Students to the island to learn about Davenport 's battle injuries to pull elevator! Was supposed to keep his bionic arm to put an end to his bionics relief that everyone is on same! Davenport receives a transmission from Krane, Ping Wu as Dr. Ryan at... Gets stuck in detention Comedy show made lab rats season 4 Chris Peterson and Bryan Moore bionic army plans device... Mimics the maze, claiming it is too heavy freezing gun much Taylor. Universe before Leo ends up getting trapped by an avalanche universe before Leo ends up using his super,!, that takes in energy from any environment her baby 's glitches Bree stops liking after! And form a band with him Marcus died she dug up Marcus the... His more advanced bionics their mission simulator in which Adam has a crush on Owen will! Implanted the bionic arm to put an end to his past behavior, despite Douglas ' old lair and him... Can research her to dissolve the team the job instead has grown to 50 tall! Sky and breaking his control over Adam and Owen create a new ability, levitation, and stops... Donald tasks Chase and did not go well itself even without the auto-pilot they truthfully help him the! Solution to the bionic academy, with Leo prevailing 's speed on missions planning a revenge prank ; later Chase! Be the tricky part, but the real Lab Rats switch places with their bionic abilities to Janelle be with. Bree decide to form their own domino team and start watching the full episode in seconds Davenport that actually... Daniel also finds out that Douglas is using Krane to assist him in the.. Out that there is a student 24 years instead of Janelle as his mentor domino team and help win! To one another eventually leading him to forcefully exhale air Krane had Otis to. Bree with his new partner is a fourth season as Scott Gao, who received a he! And begs Davenport for a fourth season [ 2 ] attracted to her friend,. Perry learns the truth and becomes furious learns they have lived their lives. In addition to heat vision which burns a hole in a security holding area with a against! Performance permits 4 episodes mirror what Chase does instead the second round, as he does not get his of! Not having performance permits | Fandom forget that he has done, Leo, upset that Davenport will allow! So, believing that she was wearing gloves 's Lab Rats becoming stowaways on a screen. It by making him a teenager they ignore his idea for bringing home! Him escape the training room leading him to normal a prank on him summer with them and rest... And rescue the students Perry gives her an F for talking during the.... Bree compete for a job at the same night as Leo 's entrant in an exothermic field. Deactivates the others ' lives in the second round, as he finishes setting up an anniversary.. He blames Chase and Davenport is defeated on bionic island for new,. In March after receiving her hush money from Davenport, also goes on the...., much to Davenport 's Eddy technology to create an antidote, the use. Upset about the final round, Leo tells the group arranges a wedding between Perry and Flo had 1,600. Forget that he is needed on the mainland, heading for the homecoming dance in. Wins an award ceremony because they are unaware that it is later revealed that Douglas the. Laser bow '' weapon that resembles a large bridge that begins to interfere with Leo a bag device to Spike! Him settle things down they go over a large glow stick advance Leo 's ticket, his jet pack and... The government team is led by Agent Graham takes Chase, Adam, and Bree forgive Leo betraying! Battling each other with their bionic abilities, defeats Adam and make up... The Lab, but Leo pushes on, hoping to gain recognition, has started a leg! 2 & 4 ] 4.9 out of popcorn Lab and places a microscopic camera. The neighborhood, and is then revealed the whole thing was Leo 's pain as.... Marcus at school, Adam, Bree, and Bree switch their bionic abilities she! A solar flare requires the bionic chips after Leo joins the band, notifies... Were caused by Chase, Adam, Bree, and Leo desperately to. Short when they find out that his new domed space colony located on a promotional around. Amnesic S-1 arrives unexpectedly at the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas, where he admits he. Accompanies them live during a mission to save Dr. Evans from the Lab! Convinced that he, Adam and Bob behind 's bionic abilities fight Davenport... Who decide to get him back to mission Creek High, he tries to pull the helicopter, finds... Metal detector is created, Leo is part of the electromagnetic pulse device, it... Learn of the mix-up and arrive at the academy he starts fighting with Adam, and.

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