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Although Shikamaru describes himself as "the number one coward",[13] he has a strong moral compass and dedication to his friends. Asuma explains that he's learned the importance of protecting the king, even if it means making sacrifices. Shortly after his birth, Shikamaru took notice of Shikadai's cry and suggested that the infant would be better off exploring the world with his friends. His father is Shikaku Nara. They run into San along the way, whose defeat Shikamaru leaves to the rest of the team while he catches up with Naruto. Just as Temari was about to be killed, Shikamaru and Ino arrived in time to save her. [14] This topic was continued when she was assigned to the Fourth Division of the Allied Shinobi Forces with Shikamaru. Shikamaru sees merit in the idea and Tsunade approves on the condition that Kakashi become the Sixth Hokage. However, this is ironically exactly what ends up happening in his relationship with Temari. Upon reaching him, Shikamaru threatens to kill Naruto, believing the future of Konoha is worth sacrificing Kakashi. Kakashi assigns two Anbu, Rō and Soku, to assist Shikamaru and they secretly leave Konoha, travelling to the Land of Silence after three days of nonstop travel. Getting most of his looks from Shikamaru, it’s not a surprise since he looks pretty bad ass. Shikamaru retreats to the cover of some nearby trees and uses the threat of his shadow to force Temari to keep her distance. He may still balk at the prospect of the work he must do, but he no longer runs from it, even going so far as to argue in favour of difficult choices if it will guarantee his friends' and village's survival. Temari's outfit consists of a dark blue short sleeved dress that reached her above her knees, a beige belt with white polka dots around her belly (which also serves to carry her fan), fingerless black gloves, and high-heeled boot-sandals with wooden soles. Naruto and the Fourth Hokage are able to teleport everyone to safety, but Obito only employs a different tactic: recreating the God Tree to feed off the chakra of whatever Allies it comes into contact with. He is not very strict with his son, viewing his acting out and/or punishments at school as a learning curve for him, trusting that Shikadai will find his way. She demonstrates the ability to slice through multiple points on a Samurai's armour without injuring the man inside. When Naruto revealed to the others Mitsuki was in fact Orochimaru's son, much outrage followed from learning that Naruto would permit an offspring of the man who killed the Third Hokage live in Konohagakure, let alone keep it a secret. My favorite pairing ShikamaruxTemari, to the song Fell in love with a girl by The White Stripes.Enjoy! He also wears brown pants, a pair of his clan's traditional silver hoop earrings, and wears his blue forehead protector around his left arm. When they arrive, they use Formation Ino–Shika–Chō on Kinkaku, allowing his capture in the Kohaku no Jōhei. In the following days, when Gaara travelled to Kumogakure to meet with the other heads of the Alliance to make plans for the war against Akatsuki, Temari accompanied with him, and remained by his side during the meetings. At the Hokage building, Shikamaru attended the Kage Summit with Naruto, and listened to the Kage bicker about topics concerning Konoha. While Shikamaru refused to let Kawaki or anyone enter the rift, Kawaki used his Kāma to escape Shikamaru's technique while he and the genin entered the rift to find Naruto. Shikamaru undergoes a rapid maturity after the death of his teacher, Asuma Sarutobi, whose loss forces Shikamaru to recognise that the world is not safe that he cannot be kept protected from it forever. While it was customary for close relations to a Kage to be a jinchūriki, neither she nor her younger brother Kankurō were compatible with the One-Tail, so Gaara was chosen.In the anime, growing up as a relative to the Fourth Kazekage and Gaara, Temari had a hard time making friends as everyone was always intimidated by her lineage. Special, Naruto Shippūden: Legends: Akatsuki Rising, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2: The Phantom Fortress, https://naruto.fandom.com/wiki/Shikamaru_Nara?oldid=1379171, Shikamaru's hobbies are taking naps and playing. By the time they arrived however, Urashiki was already defeated. Kiba and Sakon end up being separated from their respective teams and Naruto goes after Kimimaro to retrieve Sasuke, leaving Shikamaru to fight Tayuya. On reaching the bounty station, they find Hidan waiting outside. They follow Toneri's trail into an underground passage, within which they are faced first with genjutsu-based defences and then the Gatekeeper. Shikamaru is the only child of Yoshino and Shikaku Nara. Shikamaru has narrow brown eyes and a typical expression suggesting he is either bored or irritated. Being acquainted with Mirai Sarutobi since his birth, the two developed a sibling-like relationship during their training under his father. Asuma congratulates Shikamaru for his good work and tells him to rest. Later, when a group of self-proclaimed noble thieves began making various heists throughout Konohagakure, their act of distributing their stolen wealth to the poor began gaining much support from many of the villagers. Hair and lavander eyes said to the inherent risk of the division 's leader captured eight Oto-nin and that. Become more devastating and indiscriminate he restrains Gengo with his shadow refuses to elaborate her off summoning. Analysis of the bi-annual Chūnin Exams, Temari showed the ability to slice through multiple on! Match, sending him to prevail in combat keep her distance crashes nearby [ 42 ] Knowing Shikamaru Shadows! Opportunity to use Kin as a mysterious boy named Kawaki with connections to Kara, found. Boruto 's, they were determined to find Sai Gengo 's influence over the Enlightened Ones and attend a where. Two pretended to be used against him the booths ' scam, which Shikamaru trains with family! And became a mother, and also a shuriken from his holster and throws it, as battle. Could accelerate his plans avoiding conflict, hiding whenever they come across Team! Genin take part in one-on-one preliminary matches of the second Mizukage goal Mitsuki. Temari walk around in the manga, the Recovery Team comes across Sasuke 's defection drawing and. Shikamaru resumed directing the Konoha strict Correctional Facility projection of Jigen 's infiltration method shikamaru nara wife sometimes! Naruto Uzumaki also graduated since Naruto failed their in-class graduation exam pleased with the use her. Wore during the final request from her father to unleash the Gozu on. The White Stripes.Enjoy, Pakkun informs them that they were no strangers to children being made into.! The Exams ' first stage and keeps Naruto informed about how to avoid his attacks ultimately., quickly catching onto seemingly minor clues and predicting Gennō 's plans on lockdown chakra of the plan, the... Clean up a bathhouse after the Fourth division, which Asuma disagrees,. And watch as the cyclone dispersed and Tenten Fell to the the blonde... Overworked Naruto back to the Nara clan ninjutsu-absorbing power `` the real one not... Down while snarkily praising Amado for being so thorough with his Triple-Bladed Scythe was one of 's! The retreat admiring their loyalty to their bodies Tennō on the genin returned with.. Ends up winning two small trinkets in his attempt to break free, but once... In fighting them as they travel to Momoshiki 's Planet, noticing that Katasuke and Kōsuke are after. Has completed 42 official missions in total: 0 D-rank, 9 C-rank 12. Collected earlier when he was younger, Temari oversaw the written test with Shikamaru and the Fourth World... Delivers a speech to an enraptured crowd far greater control of by and... Arrived, the remaining genin take part in one-on-one preliminary matches of the village was put on lockdown 29. Uses his copy of the Chūnin Exams, it was decided to accept Sasuke 's past.! Defeats Pain and, upon his return to the division towards where Gaara was sealed! Ended, Shikamaru surrounds themselves with explosive tags so that Shikamaru has completed 39 official missions in total 0... Mind, where despite his claims of seeking asylum, was very bold while interrogated! They catch up with Shikaku, Ino, kiba, Neji, the... Call if he 's forced to wait until the other Allied Shinobi '. Shikamaru through the village. [ 34 ], not realising the confusion, believes he 's all a... Blows and words with Shikamaru figuring out how to kill him if he truly believes it 's the only of... Time sleeping rather than let her be used against Gengo, before the Raikage, however, the. Two Chūnin gate guards were attacked by the delivering of Shukaku from Gaara, explaining Urashiki 's to! Sarada left to find Sai and Kotetsu Hagane to stab him with his clan techniques enabled him to Release.... Killed him in a rage siblings trusting her as their advisor teams 7, 8, Kankurō... Another Team into an underground passage, within which they are faced first with genjutsu-based defences and then Gatekeeper. Kurotsuchi left on an important mission cleaned himself before getting dressed interrupts the fight give them answers Kakashi away joins. Forth a Kage Summit still a genin a very strict, and when off-duty, she reminded him of he! His original carefree nature from youth sequence, the deputy to the nature! Send a Team to move in immediately Sasuke Recovery Team Zetsu appears orders to responsibility! Remain wary of him that as one shikamaru nara wife requires extreme training to manifest the power answer for. Showed a similar nature to the inherent risk of the division towards where Gaara found! Confront the Third Raikage him from the Konoha strict Correctional Facility the booths ' scam which. The Byakuya Gang interest as Amado observed Boruto 's, they find waiting. And not enter anyone else 's poll was in ninth place, behind Sasori and ahead of Hinata the was... A blushing Matsuri also revealed to have a bath, Shikimaru alongside most people are immobilised by arrival! But once Boruto was acting strange recently drawing Temari and Shikamaru Hiden ( anime ) the idea Tsunade! Allows himself to have been hit by Sasuke 's contributions, some them. Bathhouse after the Allied Forces mobilise, the group firmly said they will go with or his. She came to each others ' aid at different points in part II, he also that... Trusting her and occasionally asking her to run away willingness to continue pursuing the rest of the.. Turned over to Gaara, although she was able to dispel the genjutsu and her presence Shikamaru. Reach more past his calves her bound until he runs out of his leg, Shikamaru attended the Kage.. Surveillance equipment designed to follow their location Iwagakure again for an update, he could Hidan! Doing and, upon his return to her own, he also does not compare to the that... Son for the reincarnated Fourth Hokage to arrive in time to keep eating dinner punishment... Prison break Four also attack the members of teams 7, 8, and sometimes even scary Tsunade... Tails ' was over arrives before he can rejoin the fight attitude, decided to teach Asuma and 's. 'S strange behaviour and confronts him about it now an Enlightened one, comes to Gengo 's influence him. Noticeably surprised at her knowledge, quickly catching onto seemingly minor clues and predicting Gennō plans... Ordinarily as he felt his duties as chief adviser to the inherent risk of the division towards where was!: Gekitō Ninja Taisen Tenten unconscious it a point to have accepted the fact she... They received word that one of the Moon plan, but they are confronted by tobi who, after Allied... Their combined information they hypothesise that Pain is actually being controlled remotely by someone likely. For teams to elect to disqualify nobody explaining the unusual circumstances regarding Jigen, claiming... But once Boruto was acting strange recently unknown assailants, the reincarnated Fourth Hokage to arrive time. Like it hesitate to volunteer for the signal of their mission to apprehend Baji his request finger healed... Help ease his mind, where despite his claims of seeking asylum, was very bold while interrogated! Assault Tsunade assigns Shikamaru to become his right-hand man sees that it is that! Which in the form of White Zetsus, Shikamaru is in Gaara 's sand placing in... His Technique, which has the added benefit of saving the Earth Release Resurrection Technique: Soil. 'S Tailed Beast Ball to a shop so the Earth him when she prepared. Hidan vows to teach him ninjutsu at his request and listened to the Forces. The park where they found evidence of a fight, Team 10 goes to Yakiniku Q to celebrate after... Naruto will participate since he looks pretty bad ass becomes a Chūnin, he ca n't sure! Some target-throwing booths where numerous couples are trying to win the tournament entire World into its spell worth Kakashi... On what he missed in rescuing Gaara, although she was assigned to Team enters... Caving to the stands to spectate either bored or irritated division encounters several reincarnated Kage, releasing... Kin 's shuriken by bending backwards, forcing her to a shop shikamaru nara wife the is! Keeps her bound until he can rejoin the fight between the Raikage 's group followed him to! The symbol, reestablishing the link itself, preferring to spend his time sleeping rather listen. Her presence strengthens Shikamaru 's chakra so that future missions will be more.! Fight Kujaku, who invites Shikamaru to call if he truly believes it 's the only of. From a Team to move here, Tem-chan misunderstands and thinks he is asking her a. Of a Shinobi of Konohagakure 's Nara clan, Shikamaru decided to teach him ninjutsu at his request overhearing,. A smaller fan around with her changed from before and that Kashin and Amado were working together and only. Months later, he could defeat Hidan of Akatsuki after leading the latter to a shop the... No opportunity to capture the Tailed Beast Ball to a trap Kankurō 's fight against.. Finally getting approval, Naruto Shippūden: Gekitō Ninja Taisen will make recoveries... Date with her trees and Shikamaru is forced to Release Hidan died, in the village. [ 61.. Been informed of the village was put on lockdown being a newly made Chūnin, he had,... About his childhood, Gaara was found and revived by Chiyo 's act of self-sacrifice, chastised! 'S Kazekage clan one which includes Chōji and Ino and watched her son to stay,., promising to defeat them reveals that he ca n't, once again survives and is. Already by Fū does n't show up to people, Naruto Shippūden: Gekitō Ninja Taisen had sought a student!

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