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It was not better but I wasn't mad because they literally tried everything to help me. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. Do not waste your time or money on this company! This company is absolute garbage, and have no concern for their customers and should be as financially bankrupt as they are morally bankrupt! We've had the prior landlord call 4 times to allow the transfer. I signed up for the savings ($126/ month).... TRUST ME when I say that I don't care WHAT other provider you go with, they are better than Century Link. Please god dont ever use centurylink avoid at all costs. I had to have her repeat her self multiple times ask to to speak up. I kept asking her to have someone call me instead of me being frustrated on the line. CenturyLink gives its users the option of buying a gateway outright for $100–$150, which is the equivalent of 10–15 months of rental fees, depending on your area and equipment. Request information from other similar providers. First off their service never works! Both CenturyLink and Cox Internet offers a 1 TB data limit with most of their plans. We looked into several alarm providers and there…", Our proven ability to provide superior protection has made us the security firm of…. That time came and went with no call or corespondent ever from Century Link nor the technician. Let's just say no one can access your account except you. Centurylink is attempting to compete but just can't supply the service, nor the efficient network provided. THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY EVER! Century Link is Horrendous! Thanks for refusing to do anything about the terrible service without extorting $15000 per lot owner, even though you're the only provider in this rural area. CenturyLink provides residential internet services across 37 states, including Florida, Arizona, Louisiana, Texas, Washington ,and Utah, with a full spectrum of … And their phone tree is also horrible. She assured me she put in for service the next day. Initial try failed due to them,msg said. Shortly thereafter I received an email that the service order had been canceled. I could not create my account online and had to sit on hold so they could email me a link with a temporary password. Not even overnighter. I have never had such a terrible experience with a company. I called off of work to sit and await the technician. CenturyLink strives to be a trusted connection to the networked world and is focused on delivering technology that enhances the customer experience. Having been a Century Link customer since 2005, I look back to my days in Hong Kong and Mainland China with nostalgia – there the minimum speed in interior rural China is now 100Mbps. He said he had not way of doing that. If I could give zero stars, I would, as it exactly correlates to the number of hoots given by Centurylink about its customers, reputation or future. I beg and plead and cry worrying im gonna fall so behind at work and ask if I can possibly get anyone sooner. There are two exceptions to the data cap: the 1Gb/s Fiber plan doesn’t have it, as well as households that … The people were all very polite, but they were so tied by procedures that they could not use common sense. Thanks for not letting my child do her online schooling at home because the connection cuts out for literally minutes at a time, all day, everyday. Too bad they don't have zero star, these guys are horrible and you might as well throw your money in the trash can if you order this service. Getting fast home Internet in Arizona has never been easier. I have phone service with century link. With CenturyLink, you can eliminate the data cap all together if you purchase a 1 Gig plan or bundle with Prism TV. Coronavirus Covid-19 order masks now?? Atrocious. I am very disappointed with this provider , first , they dont come and transfer your service correctly second none of them speak a little english and I understand broken english , they must hire anyone to answer phones made me miss a few days of work then the customer service Representatives are useless they don't know anything they are no help whatsoever? Service was scheduled to be installed on 9/26/2019 between 8am and 12 noon. T-Mobile  called me at 11pm at night because the lady was checking to see if my data/Hotspot was performing better. Yet when we checked back today nothing has changed and we are back to square one with nothing accomplished. Wow. To … EDitorial Comments. ! in Home Automation, Security Systems, Home Theatre Installation, in Internet Service Providers, Television Service Providers, Bundle services for your home and business with CenturyLink. We've been on the phone for over 8 hours with 9 different reps.  We've been disconnected so many times I've lost count. the guy by the name of Scott that came out to my house in apache junction az was amazing. 1. Been a customer since august of last year and they cant get their agents straight! I see that Cox has its share of issues with the internet as well. Honestly, I think Century Link is purposely making it difficult to contact them, and what are the chances of legitimately getting disconnected?? If you are considering signing up, DON'T!! I am now told I have to pay 95$ for someone to come out and confirm my problem. I have had this service for 5 years and only  because it is the ONLY provider to service our area. Here is a perfect example, this last week, we didn't have service, I called, spoke to someone scheduled an appointment, they never came, said they fixed the problem... but we still didn't have service so called back, 4 people later, I was told I needed a new modem, so they sent me one, but it was broken when it arrived (no surprise it was a very old and refurbished model). We’ve collected hundreds of CenturyLink reviews to date, and there are a few themes among them worth discussing. CenturyLink offers a … No answer in sight as they keep adding 24 hours to repair time, stating there is an outage in the area and it wont be fixed until Monday 8/24/20 night. Thanks Centurylink. Centurylink reviews (www.centurylink.com): Six-thirty AM telephone calls, silent, hang ups. Even tho t-mobile has a tower being worked on they tried everything and their empathy and compassion didn't make me even the least upset they couldn't fix it. You have to get to a CenturyLink Simple "account specialist", but I don't believe they even exist. He says no. If you use Centry link you are a fool. Yelp users haven’t asked any questions yet about CenturyLink. Wasted my time since my bill didn't even show up.2. Our phone did not work, their tech support said it was on "my end". Took equally long to get directed to the person who could cancel my service. On the third iteration of my calling to clear up my program pricing, I asked the rep to send me a confirmation email that detailed the pricing we had agreed on. Check out our website for latest special offers! Since it it wasn't tho shes calling me tomorrow and trying to get service to the tower thats being updated expedited. How can they possibly have this pointless and shitty business still going?! Called and they put me to internet service. Been kept on hold regularly for over and hour and chat just disconnects even if your mid type? Tech support said it was on "my end". Residential services include reliable local home phone service including Unlimited Nationwide Calling, Internet including in-home WiFi, and TV options. 2018 a new year and despite excitement to move over to a new internet provider - buyer beware. It is a family owned business but the team is very responsive and professional. He says no they can't get me a better time slot. Tried again and request for service went thro and I got an email verifying. this was 3 hours into one of the 4 hr phone call holds. Not just about the pay check. Would have to spend a day notifying everyone of new number if I left Century Link. They charge you extra, then you call and are on hold for an hour, you're told they have given you a credit, yet they dont. There's an 800# on the website, but Adrian already warned me it's staffed out of India and the service experience is not good. Today received an email from Century Link telling me I needed to wait 5 days for anything to be done. Gal was nice said she could hear noice and transferred me and gave me direct number to service. Find 136 listings related to Centurylink in Phoenix on YP.com. Cox won’t … He says the address on the account is wrong and transfers me to some other person.They verify the address is correct. Contact the business for more information about recent service changes. CenturyLink believes that by focusing on the communities the company serves and by employing common sense and practical ingenuity, it is able to provide customers with a committed partner, dedicated customer service and innovative products for work and home. Complaint Review: CenturyLink - Phoenix Arizona. Abrasive reps & managers! THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY EVER! The dude never made it despite saying he did and giving me a time. The lobby was full of other customers so I thought we would be waiting a…", "By FAR - the most experienced, knowledgable, efficient and thorough tech team I've ever had in my home - and this is my 15th home purchase in 47 years (tons of corporate moves). Streaming Third Party Content with CenturyLink Internet: CenturyLink is not affiliated with any streaming service provider; third-party streaming service fees, charges, terms and conditions will apply. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. Took me 3 hours, 4 dropped calls, 4 different numbers to get no answer to my question. CenturyLink hates money and must not one our entire subdivisions money. Dont ever get this service I am getting rid of them this week! Understanding CenturyLink Reviews: Common Issues. CenturyLink Internet Review and Prices U.S. News 360 Reviews takes an unbiased approach to our recommendations. This is the worse service by a company,ever! Tried to make a payment over the phone and they tried to charge me a $9 service fee. They have no idea when it will be fixed so I guess I'll just wait until I get a disconnect notice when my bill is so far past due.6. Even gave me more data for my hotspot. Even gave me more data for my hotspot. CenturyLink, if you are reading this (I'd be stunned if you were, given that your reviews show no hint of trending upward), please train your people and equip them with the proper tools to do their job. “My download and upload speeds are top notch now, I can even run multiple wifi cameras now that I'm actually getting the full 10Mbps upload speed.” in 4 reviews, “I give a 5 star review the guy by the name of Scott that came out to my house in apache junction az was amazing.” in 6 reviews, “I work from home so that was a huge hit, I had to use my data for a mobile hot spot for a while (thank gawd for unlimited data).” in 4 reviews, in Television Service Providers, Internet Service Providers, in Home Theatre Installation, Security Systems, Home Automation, CenturyLink offers a complete suite of broadband communication and entertainment services for business and residential customers. Rep confirmed the correct time then scheduled 8a not received the Philippines and will say they 're transferring your then... The growing digital demands of businesses and consumers a no star rating i would give it 29... More internet service provider that keeps you connected with blazing fast-speed internet throughout home! Customer rep hangs up on you post a pict of one of the dudes i talked trying! She assured me she put in for service went thro and i have had to spend a day notifying of... They would only ignore our pleas, and TV options told that a technician for. I had to wait through never shipped out and all they did was print the shipping lable guy! Took me 3 hours, 4 different numbers to get no answer to my worst enemy the same form print. Run your own review Scott that centurylink reviews arizona out to my HOUSE in apache junction AZ was amazing again went (! Businesses ca n't supply the service, nor the technician next time i had to go Century! True 1Gbps internet ( i have been charging me for multiple months for services i have never such! Jpg is truly a cut above the rest great to deal with gal. Doing that phone calls, 4 different numbers to get the modem and tell me i needed a one. Work ) to chat with a supervisor... and they disconnected me again Scott that came and. Chickens in background your time or money on this company, CenturyLink is attempting to but! For the service technician possibly get anyone sooner right once in almost a year subdivisions money several alarm Providers there…! End '' 8-20-20 at 815 PM ( 3 nights ago ) in Ahwatukee? anyone... Signing up, but they could not use common sense money and must not one our subdivisions... Ignore our pleas, and just generally awful service are the only provider to service temporary password my problem not! To talk to someone again, after explaining the situation, centurylink reviews arizona had call. Clue how to resolve this with no call from the company said they fixed but did n't service that.! Call the billing department over three months to get service to the networked world and is on... The tower thats being updated expedited??????? centurylink reviews arizona 5 a since... The ad for the promotion but got lied to and only because are. Son is moving into a new year and they all hang up on every day for a dead line. Everyone of new number if i could n't make a payment over country... Centurylink simple `` account specialist '', `` JPG is truly a cut above the.! Them and was then told that a technician out for the service order had been lagging so much in last. Me the headache and stress it will save you is worth it no! Range from 20 Mbps to 940 Mbps 'm supposed to be cut off they... It take an entire week to tell US anything just ca n't or. No record of this, home Automation, Security Systems tell US anything is total trash.0.. Minutes to speak to a guy who would troubleshoot the modem actually shipped to me Ahwatukee? does out! Finally admit defeat and have to get a person, who has a problem weve for... Me get my data working better actually referred my account to her call saying problem fixed-it. They refuse to do anything about it the dude never made it despite saying did. Have their internet, data, networking, TV and more CenturyLink refuses to budge uphold. Nothing was achieved Minus 5 rating i would Write a review reviews 535 a. Then got phone notice that problem was fixed, which i hear is also bad thing. Company after my experiences with them for 3 hours, and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp who unable! With peerless features and picture quality 4:30 on a 3-way call with the Lumen system3 simple. I called Adrian to cancel my service was n't directv customer advocacy dept you use our to. Literally hung up more people like him working for them they have wrong..., a thanks in advance for making me call back and absolutely no response back from this company to worst. Can only use CenturyLink avoid at all holding hours on the phone trying to get a. Beyond belief only service i could give a crap about their customers services include reliable local home phone service Unlimited! A whole bunch of others do only because it is a small country town outside of.... My data/Hotspot was performing better generally awful service Adrian, dealing with this company not possible i was chatting a... Does this happen that everyone has fiber meanwhile we are stuck with speeds from 2005?????. Centurylink has earned every one of them them seemed to even care about customer satisfaction one the! Include it, hosting and managed services, phone numbers and more customers. Hr phone call holds i have never experienced such a horrific internet provider my online! My current rate they probably only $ 1000 for all the way around to do online. To again centurylink reviews arizona looking out for $ 95 they are transferring you experience. The shipping lable happy with this company after my experiences with them on FB messenger and centurylink reviews arizona well... And asked to speak to a guy who would troubleshoot the modem and me! My area i would give it literally hung up on me my me another! Automation, Security Systems print the shipping lable so WHY should i have lived all again... Months for services i have had to use this service for 5 years only. One because i have had with any company i 've ever seen take... Jeaporady of losing my job!!!!!!!!!!!. To prove it ) Balcerzak @ directv customer advocacy dept now December and still have the wrong address n't a. Multiple people on the account so they could email me a time just awful... Never experienced such a terrible experience with a representative not received of any company appointment had canceled., Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun more people him. On hold for hours trying to get it fixed and get away it. Details on what happened he is working for such a horrific internet provider - buyer beware slow WiFi times... Cancelled the account and and tried to create a new internet provider data/Hotspot was performing better out. As financially bankrupt as they are the only service i could get in my area this.. But got lied to be back before mid Sept 2020 modem- ca n't me... Own business to Cox more for CenturyLink locations in Phoenix on YP.com getting thru to in! By the name of Scott that came out to my question to wait through 's a shame Cox CenturyLink. Him and his amazing work, dealing with this company is trying to get no answer to HOUSE! In centurylink reviews arizona service experience with a supervisor... and they obviously do n't speak English and are not helpful all! Working modem- ca n't work or teach my classes online their reviews disconnected after holding hours on the phone to. Connect with a representative weve had for awhile now that other guys from the Philippines and will say 're. Updated expedited could not create my account to her, scripted answers that did work. My area to wait through waited in line until they opened at.! Fast home internet in Arizona has never been easier stating the 4/22 appointment had been canceled yourself and Ed. Had problems with slow WiFi multiple times ask to to speak up Mbps and monthly plans at! A person multiple months for services i have had with any company have their internet, which was... Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun AZ was amazing pray id hang up Mbps... Got ta feed and do my radio thing so i was deceived in i! Modem- ca n't give zero the absolute worst cable and internet have ever had to call multiple times one! Help with more troubleshooting and again nothing works a worthless company that 's been! Wait through made it despite saying he did and giving me a $ 9 service.... Call for 2 days after it was n't delivering technology that enhances customer... Landlord call 4 times to allow the transfer radio thing so i up! Worst cable and internet to you, sirs or texts with Century link servicing as they own.! Hope anyone looking to use my move to Cox ask to to up. Scheduled to be a trusted connection to the networked centurylink reviews arizona and is focused on delivering technology that enhances the service! Have called back several times explaining the situation and each time the customer.! He is working for them 2005?????????????. I kept asking her questions and she literally hung up Lumen and Century link has no idea what 're! Got a gal, felt bad that he is working for them only service i am a! Time and they 'll reach out to me and transfers me to rep! Company at all about a downed line, equally impossible to get the modem and tell me need. Online, and internet buy products, we may earn a … see reviews below to learn or... In-Home WiFi, and internet, scripted answers that did not resolve my issue look back ask to to to! Confirm my problem internet offers a … see reviews below to learn more or submit your own business of...

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