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Keren and Theed both developed as farming communities whose over-production of foodstuffs provided for a large leisure class. Leia was visiting her mother's home world at the time of the attack. At times I wished I was not the Princess.”, “Believe it or not, that is a good sign that you are doing a lot better than you think. I needed that. During the Battle of Mon Cala, elements of the Gungan Army led by Representative Binks were dispatched to the watery planet of Dac to aid Senator Amidala, the Jedi, the … It is time to allow the others to do theirs. “I don’t want to cause any security issues with anyone especially myself. In a way, it is a life debt to her for bringing the Jedi Knights to the Jaffa people once again.”, Chapter 5: Amanda is the Princess of the Jedi Knights, Chapter 14: The Jaffa and the Jedi Knights, Chapter 16: Her Majesty Sam Carter O’Neill. Underneath the planet's surface is a tremendous maze of passages and caves, home to immense aquatic animals and creatures that are never seen on the surface. Amidala and Binks, with the help of the Jedi Order and the Gungan Peppi Bow, discovered the Separatist scientist Nuvo Vindi's secret laboratory in the Eastern swamps. How can I answer your last question if I feel that I could destroy all that everyone risked their lives on this war by making serious mistakes?”, “Amanda, you know that is not true. (Note: the Theed royal palace in the films is a detailed physical miniature model and sometimes computer generated exterior, but the interior was filmed at Caserta Palace in Italy). What more information can you find about those years regarding Naboo and Earth?”, “Since you Jedi has been known to us Jaffa, we have been digging in our history. That and what I said about the way the planet would form. “That is a very good question.”, “It is not to the point if the question is a good or not, but what you think. The surface of Naboo is covered by dense swamps, rolling grass plains, and verdant hills. 1 2 3. Keren eventually became the commercial hub while Theed became more aristocratic. Amanda smiled. Miss them, do not. 2.5k 4. x 13. Over time there was more conflict between the various human settlements than between humans and Gungans. Yes you did. There is no way that Palpatine will know where I am. This decision is also too important for you to make likely.”, “Part of me wants to be a Princess and all I can no matter what is going on. Naboo is a planet featured in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. Because of my age, should I be with Sam and stay out of this war?”, Nomi threw the question back at her by asking another, “What do you want to do? Captain Panaka and others were to organize a resistance movement in the meantime. Another part is disturbed if I have gotten myself too deep in this war and would not be able to get out of a difficult situation when everything collapses under me.”, Has anything fallen during your time in being a Princess?”, Not that I know of mommy, but it is the unfamiliar that concerns me.”, In situations that you have been dealing with, the strange and unknown in life can concern us all baby. It was a largely unspoiled world with large plains, swamps and seas. Once in power Queen Amidala opened negotiations with the Trade Federation. It is also the reason you can’t remember those lost years, but as you can see, they are not lost anymore.”, With a confused look Sam asked, “Let me get this straight. The planet is approximately 4.54 billion years old. I think you need to meditate on this. The hardest thing I will do is get you or mommy to fight in this war and you get killed in it.”, “I don’t want you two to get killed in this war either.”, They both gave each other a big hug. Amanda smiled and walked to her secluded quiet spot to do just that. The planet Naboo has three moons, known throughout various media as Ohma D'un, Rori, Tasia, and Veruna. If we all went up to her and asked her, she might get tired of us asking. 15 Naboo is a world covered in beautiful oceans, sweeping grasslands, and rich forests. I was very touched by your love for her.”, Since the moment I learned from O’Neill of the Jedi Knights, I knew there was a lot more to it than simple stories I have heard as a child.”, Not all that much. After looking back at it and all that us Jedi has done, I realized that he was right. It has to be the strongest thing in the universe.”, Amanda at first did not say anything. Naboo's … Once on Coruscant, Queen Amidala addressed the senate. That was why you are here. There were many stories, but what stood out was one unique thing, a planet that is a spirit of its true self.”, “Like I said the story was told in many different ways, but there is one thing that they said, “A planet that was not a bona fide planet.”, Mara stated, “A planet is real or it is not. A bountiful world with a mostly green terrain, the planet was the homeworld of two independent societies: the native Gungans, who dwelt in underwater cities, and the human Naboo, who lived in colonies dispersed among the surface. Its dominant life forms are Humans, of which there are more than 7 billion. There is a lot going on. What your father said to you is a great deal, but when Sam learns more, I am sure she will share that with you.”, “I know she will. Padmé Naberrie adopted the anonymous Name of State "Amidala" when she became Princess of Theed (34-32 BBY) and later, Queen of the Naboo (32-24 BBY). Elsinore den Tasia had the Naboo moon of Tasia named in her honor. I have heard many stories about you Jedi when I was a very young Jaffa, but this one has never been told completely.”, It is hard to say. Here, not long after the formation of the universe were born two elemental forces—the Lords of Order and Lords of Chaos, came into being at the beginning of the universe's struggle for supremacy. I will continue to stand by it. For you to talk to her it would make her feel she is not alone. As you have stated, she has done a lot already.” Brandon studied her daughter for a few moments and said, “I want you to allow everyone else to do their part, including me.”, Who said it had to be trouble-free? The forecourt to the palace features statues of Naboo philosophers. I can’t live your life for you.”, What should I do? I am part of the Force now. She had never thought about that. We wanted to talk to you first and share what we have learned from you.”, Teal’c raised an eyebrow, “If anyone can find ancient information it would be Doctor Daniel Jackson.”, Mara smiled, “How true, but this history is in your ball park.”, “Since the moment I learned from O’Neill of the Jedi Knights, I knew there was a lot more to it than simple stories I have heard as a child.”, Luke asked, “What have your people found out so far?”, “Not all that much. When we listen to our thoughts, we cannot only do the will of the Force, but most significantly we can live our lives to the fullest. Eventually both Gungan and Human Naboo scientists agree that the end of the "Elder" civilization may be the result of the "Elders" not living in harmony with nature. If we all went up to her and asked her, she might get tired of us asking. I wanted to be a part of this research, but I have sworn my own allegiance to Sam. After a few moments a very well-known person appeared. Earth is known as Urrtha in the Star Wars Universe. Do you have anything pacific that I should be focusing on?”, SG1 has sworn allegiance that Sam will never be hurt like that again the moment we reunited with her.”, I heard that when we were on the Falcon. Under the Jafan dynasty, Theed became a showplace of decorative architecture and dazzling craftsmanship, such as the Naboo royal starship and the royal palace at Theed. By King Veruna's reign, 47 BBY, Naboo had become a major player in the galactic plasma energy trade market. Another part is disturbed if I have gotten myself too deep in this war and would not be able to get out of a difficult situation when everything collapses under me.”, “Has anything fallen during your time in being a Princess?”, “Not that I know of mommy, but it is the unfamiliar that concerns me.”, “In situations that you have been dealing with, the strange and unknown in life can concern us all baby. I never in my wildest dreams thought it would be this intense. Finally she gave a big sigh. She never once believed that she would do something spectacular. Galactic Backpacking, Part 2: Visiting Real-World Naboo Sander De Lange Content creator. Kaadara developed as a coastal town for the few Nabooan fisherman (not to be confused with nabooian). That point in space is right here on Naboo, in this galaxy. Scattering them to other planets through the Stargate System was beyond genius.”, Mom told me that I created the Stargate System to travel to the many splintered realities.”, If I remember right, I pulled you out of time and space to come to me.”, I did find out that you are my guardian.”, As you will learn, there is a lot more then bringing things back to a whole.”, I think so too. What is known is that a pre-Gungan humanoid civilization did live on the surface tens of thousands of years ago, leaving monuments and ruins scattered throughout the planet. How did you think you were the first Queen of Naboo?”, “I thought Ambria was where everyone went to after leaving Earth.”, “How can a planet leave a galaxy and travel all the way to another so far away?”, Sam went wide eyed. After they hugged, Brandon said, “That is enough Jedi training for you today. Your daddy and I have been very concerned with you having this all on you. She loves you as much as you love her. She asked her, “Why did you not enter our conversation?”, Nomi answered, “It was not my place to do so. Do you have anything pacific that I should be focusing on?”, Luke answered, “We are not sure, but we are concerned about Sam’s safety. La planète est ensuite affiliée à Empire galactique … True, all military soldiers are trained not to think as individuals but as one. After looking at Teal’c once again she asked, “Can you tell me about this copy of a planet?”, Teal’c nodded. You cannot give up because of it, or their sacrifice would be in vain. If anyone dies in this war that you know, then they will have done so in victory. Padmé Amidala "couldn't refuse the Queen", and returned to politics after a brief respite. No-one knows of Onoam's orbital position, but it was known to host second homes to Sector Governor Quarsh Panaka and Queen Dalné. The native Gungans, who built their homes in the waters of Naboo, rarely ventured into the core, fearing the ravenous sea beasts which resided in areas such as the Caves of Eleuabad. WOW is the word I would have used, and did so after Thor got through telling all he did.”, “What can we do for her as she is on Naboo?”, “For one, we need to keep the remaining of this war from getting to her as much as we can. Most of the prejudices of both species disappeared when Amidala and Boss Nass managed to unite both species during the Battle of Naboo. She did continue to ask him more information to see what she could learn. The Federation answered with a military blockade of Naboo, with the aim of forcing Naboo into subservience and to hopefully intimidate the Senate into repealing the taxation measure. A city there still bears his name. In years to come, the Naboo would generally support the positions of Chancellor and later Emperor Palpatine, including the establishment of the Empire, thus becoming an Imperial satellite state. It is a symbol of remembrance of the days before the "Great Time of Peace", which had been brought about by King Jafan, the ruler who united Naboo. It is just hard not to get involved with combat situations. Naboo (nə'bu) was a planet that was the sector capital of the Chommell Sector near the Outer Rim territories. Moenia was the only human colony built in the traditional Gungan homelands of the Lianorm Swamps. Death is a part of life. Even while staying on Earth, she is not fully protected.”, “Should she wait to explore her life while she is in danger?”, Ahsoka paused and said, “What I am about to say is very essential. Even the Constellations are the same.”. “As a child I thought this planet was a wonder. She said in a crying voice, “I know all about that, but I still feel as I do.”, “Of course you do. Got an hour or two with nothing to do? Captain Panaka was able to organize the Space Fighter Corps to their fighters, and launch a last effort against the Federation capital ship. Tasia, an ice moon, is the only Naboo moon to be seen in the entire Star Wars saga. Naboo is a fictional planet in the Star Wars universe. You are very much like your daddy.”. Do you understand?”, Amanda sighed again, “Yes I do, but it does not make it any easier.”, “Who said it had to be trouble-free? Join us! I thank you for your support.” Amanda changed the subject by asking, “What can you tell me about Earth being Naboo?”, “There are one and the same. The Queen returned to her homeworld to lead the resistance herself. Suite à l’éviction du chancelier Valorum, c’est le sénateur de Naboo, Palpatine, qui prit sa place au sommet de la République.A la fin de son mandat, en temps que Reine des Naboo, Padmé devint la nouvelle sénatrice de la planète. Top Minecraft Maps. Plasmas require really high temps and a terestrial plantet couldn't compress gases to the temps required to completely ionize the gas. The Scar of Remembrance is used as part of the ruler of the planet Naboo's make-up. Kwilaan's fleet eventually found and crash landed on the planet of Naboo in approximately 3900 BBY, where they permanently settled in the mountains and great grass plains. Even Master Oriana has been watching after you as you continue being a Princess.” Nomi paused and continued, “Want to know something? For you to talk to her it would make her feel she is not alone. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Some believe that Naboo was originally a Gungan word for "plainsfolk". Since then the position of monarch has been an elected post, with a fluid constitution that would allow for hereditary rulership to be vested in a noble dynasty if the people so desired. Soon rescued by Jinn and Kenobi, Queen Amidala left Naboo to personally seek aid in the Galactic Senate. Her Majesty is doing is the most valuable thing in her life, her own destiny.”, With confusion on her face Amanda asked, “I thought each and every one of us controls our own fate?”, “That is right, but there is a purpose for each and every one of us. There, Pooja would be a contemporary of her cousin, Princess Leia of Alderaan, but they would not know of each other's biological relationship until 36 years after the Battle of Yavin. We are concerned that he can use her looking for her lost years against her and pull her in hook, line, and sinker.”, Mara stated, “It is something he is outstanding in. All Jedi Knights are to trust their feelings, but there are a lot of emotions that can cloud your judgment. During the Clone Wars, the Confederacy of Independent Systems (including the Trade Federation) launched an unsuccessful campaign of invasion and conquest against Naboo. No. Just don’t think you are on your own.”, Amanda looked down on the ground and said, “I guess I have done that. Many animal species found on Earth appear or are referred to in the films and the Expanded Universe. After diplomatic negotiations failed between Naboo and the Empire, Apailana began exploring military options, and harboring Jedi in direct violation of Order 66. Human settlements tend to incorporate waterfalls, cliffs, and other natural terrain features. And they just happen to be an important family on Naboo, and Sheev was the current senator for the planet- and as such, wouldn't be on the planet, but here in the heart of the Republic. I know she walked in that cave, but she is not under us. I will talk to the Doctor and have him meet you.”, Sam thanked him and she turned off her communication device. I thought it was a planet that was made artificially, but they specifically stated it was not that. Often when a Nabooan enters into political life, he or she adopts a "Name of State". I saw that a lot when I was with you in person.”, Amanda sighed, “I wished you could be with me in person now.”, “I know. The planet has two sentient species: peaceful humans who call themselves the Naboo; and the more aggressive, warlike Gungans. The Naboo populate many striking cities, including Theed and Moenia, while the Gungans reside deep in the planet's foreboding swamps. Naboo Randolph Roberdy Poberdy the Enigma is a Shaman from the planet Xooberon. That is so bizarre. Once home, Queen Amidala sought the aid of the reclusive Gungans, pleading for joint action against a common enemy. The Naboo system is located in the Chommell sector, a region in the galactic Mid-Rim. Teal’c was not surprised. When I was occupied with the Clone Wars, I had to deal with a lot, and I was a Padawan with Master Anakin.”, “I realize that I am not alone with this war, but there is still a great deal to deal with. When I first explored Earth outside of Cheyenne Mountain, where the SGC was first located, I thought it was Earth. Just seeing her actions is more than enough to see that she is doing great. Naboo city-states traded with each other and with the Gungans. Naboo culture also includes a strong sense of family in each of the households of Naboo, from commoners up through the royal family. In 1,000 BBY a crisis led to a large scale conflict engulfing all the human Naboo city states, though there was no evidence of Gungan participation. She said, “I know what I have done, but how I feel, I think someone can do a lot better.”  Amanda thought for a moment and answered Ahsoka’s question, “In the grand scheme of things, I would conclude that most of what has happened in this war would have been the same if I was not a Princess.”, “To be honest your Majesty, I understand your situation. ( Log Out /  Sidious's rage had been towards Maul knowing this information, not any inherent failure in his mission. There is one thing being mysterious to others, but to oneself is going too far.” Sam thought and thought about it. After serving the maximum two 4-year terms, Padmé Amidala was replaced by Queen Jamillia (24–20 BBY). No matter the dangers or the consequences one should not stop being themselves. For her to be that quiet got her father to ask, “What is on your mind?”, “Where is Sam? Jamillia asked for Padmé Amidala to continue serving Naboo as its Senator. I can’t fully understand it, but she is not where most might think she is located.”, What do you feel from the Force on this?”, Yes and no. Popular Queen Kylantha would reign throughout the Imperial years. Well, the same wiki says that Naboo has a diameter of 12.120 km, so its size is roughly the same as that of Earth. NABOO - Located in the Chommell sector, Naboo is a fairly idyllic world covered by dense swamps, rolling plains, and verdant hills. I have heard many stories about you Jedi when I was a very young Jaffa, but this one has never been told completely.” Mara asked again, “What do you know about Naboo?” “ It is hard to say. Ahsoka realized this since she has known her, but she wanted Amanda to admit to this. Why do you think it took me a time to get here? There is no way in hell walking in a cave could cause us to travel all the way to another galaxy, especially at the distance from Earth.”, “I would guess by now you realize you are not underneath Dinotopia.”, “Barbara and I came to that conclusion, and by the Force, we found out that we are on Earth.

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