nanoflex mattress review

It's the most comfortable sleep you'll ever have. Highly recommended. Vic Feguson, love this mattress, great support, no sore spots from pressure points anymore, no partner disturbance when turning and I don't feel like I'm rolling into the middle because partner is heavier. A very good mattress. That said, it may not be for those that are heavier as there are some reports of the foam compressing over time. Love it! It turns out it is the best mattress I have ever slept on in my life. (Follow the unboxing instruction 3-Steps below), you may enjoy your healthy and comfort sleep instantly at a relatively lower price as compared to traditional mattress. This mattress is exactly what it is claimed to be. 5 nanoFlex® WTO GmbH I Subject to change without notice Size Item No. Should have bought on years ago! Bought queen size to try then its wonderful so end up bought king and put the queen in another room. Supportive mattress has made the world of difference. My husband is not a particularly good sleeper and is easily woken by my movement and kids getting into bed with us. Thank you. This mattress should sleep cool for most people due to the Tencel cover and Air-Flow foam. They are good but I would like them a little deeper. Took a week or so to adjust, but really happy with the mattress so far. The ordering, delivering and setting up was a piece a cake. Fantastic customer service. Have recommended to friends and family who are also delighted with their Ergoflex mattresses. We sincerely hope that whatever your interaction with this site, that it is helpful and timely for you, and that the product information here guides you to the best outcome for your daily life. On return to Australia I bought one for myself and I have not had such good nights in years. We are totally converted, and would not choose another type of mattress now. Not feeling bed move when other person gets up to the washroom at night is great. Trust me, these mattresses are a must! I was very sceptical at first about my new mattress, and did not sleep well for the first couple of nights, then all of a sudden I went to bed one night and slept a good 12 hours something I never do. I tried the Ecosa mattress, but found it way too hard. This is the best mattress we have ever bought. I purchased an Ergo flex mattress in January & could not be happier. Thank heavens Ergoflex sent me a travel cover for the mattress so all will be well. We’ve had the Queen size 3G mattress for five years now and love it. Extremely happy with them. Ergoflex is great for side sleepers or front sleepers (me) and back sleepers (my wife). More info. We purchased for our camper but the mattress was so comfy we ended up putting the tempur in the camper and ergflex on our bed. 5 stars. Delivery was the only issue, didn't arrive the day that was planned. We also use their pillows which provide great support. Mattress was delivered timely. No complaints after a couple of months of use now. The only downside was a rubbery smell, which went away after 2-3 weeks. Does a mattress with above-average conforming ability, pressure relief, and motion isolation sound good? Special shout out to David who took the time to call and arranged for our mattress to be delivered much earlier when he heard that our old mattress was hurting our backs. This high-density memory foam mattress offers orthopaedic pressure relief and uses hospital-grade materials. Nanoflex, Estado de México. I have a slipped disc and back is feeling better and a nice deep sleep, We purchased a King mattress and it is great. Quite comfortable yet not too soft. The wife no longer wakes when I get into bed and we've both been having deeper sleeps than we have in years. Value for money for sure. Sealy from USA is the top mattress brand. But can't live without it now. A mattress is meant to complement the most intimate moments of your life while also ensuring the best sleeping experience.

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