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Im familiar with Bridgestone irons - have some individual irons like J40DPC, J40 CB, J36PC. Don, maybe check the website. Gear: Bridgestone e6 golf balls (2021) Price: $21.99 per dozen Specs: Two-piece, Surlyn-covered ball.White and optic yellow Available: Feb. 26 Fifteen years ago, Bridgestone released the first version of the e6 golf ball, and from the beginning, it was designed with recreational golfers in mind. Bridgestone demos are the easiest to find and try out. This article rings true. I guess at the end of the day, the equipment manufacturers can be devided up into two camps, marketing and engineering, the marketers tend to win the short race but often the product does not live up to the hype, and over time they rise and fall. The 2015 line up is fairly robust with options from blades and pocket cavities to cast "game-improvement" irons. Chipping with the short irons is really nice. There were also various limited-edition add-ons and one-offs released between then and now. These are essentially the same two models that were available last year as the Bridgestone J38 Irons, but with some design updates.The cavity back model looks different entirely, with a new triangular muscle shape in the cavity, but the J40 Dual Pocket cavity iron resembles last years J38 with … Crickets. Check out this article as we breakdown one of the best balls on the market used by Tiger himself: Bridgestone Tour B XS 2021 Review. new Date().getTime(),event:'gtm.js'});var f=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0], Learn how your comment data is processed. With their Tour B X-CB irons, however, Bridgestone has taken a chance and placed a wider sole on an iron otherwise geared toward … They make it easy to hit high, long, straight shots. You get 2-4 clubs shipped to you along with a prepaid UPS return label. 2011 – 2015: The Wonder Years. I look at other things in this world- cellphones, cars, washing machines, canned peas- and say “there’s something for everyone, regardless of price point”. Why don’t more people know about this? I know we ran ads in the weekly golf papers and sold out quick. To see, touch and feel is the way to sell. Find the right ball for your game with our ball fitting. We can’t put the words back into our mouth after it happens. I guess your path is determined by what your end of goal is. However Golfalot is not that easily shaken off, so I ventured across the pond and at the 2016 PGA Show in Orlando I got my hands on the Bridgestone … And your comments on the decline of golf journalism is spot on. He has over 25 years experience in the golf industry and over 15 years experience in the publishing industry, both online and in the print medium. I used to get angsty about what the OEMs do… but what’s the point? Furthermore, irons have undergone extensive technological advancement in recent years. They put a reserve on your credit card during the trial period. We are ok with your commentary and hope you can look past a word and read the rest and appreciate the 99.999% of the article for what it is. I did use their ball, but no longer. Almost impossible to hit them fat. I just don’t see Bridgestone saying the B330RXS is a “Great Fu*king Ball!” even if that is exactly how they feel. Bridgestone Tour B-JGR HF2 Irons. Now hold on to that list as you continue to read. Beer companies using only the best ingredients to produce a superior taste? good point..I live in Indiana, there’s a couple reputable fitters around here….just no BStone dealers that actually stock clubs…thanks for your help. We’re a $32.5 Billion organization and the #1 rubber manufacturer in the world. It was a difficult decision but a strategic one. Bridgestone clubs are high on my list to try this year. When they get the clubs back, they release the reserve. Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF1 Irons. I won some Bidgestone e7 balls and love them, we use them for our charity tourney gift ball. Shame. Thanks. You do not. I actually gave him a raise. First, grab yourself a pen and some paper. The Bridgestone Golf Irons The reason I picked the Bridgestone golf irons is that these irons are come up with mid-handicap and have a simple and clean look, which is fair enough to attract you. Other than a few malcontents, I don’t know anyone pi$$ed off that any manufacturer of anything in America are over hyping their product. We want to grow year over year, and doing that slowly and steadily is more sustainable than making a big one-year splash. Bridgestone produces high-quality forged irons with traditional blade and cavity back designs as well as game-improvement distance irons. Out of reach. $899. They were mostly those Tour Tri U or something like that which was not a bad ball. $27.45 shipping. Does anyone think McDonalds is good for you? The JGR Hybrid Iron is a forgedSuper Game Improvement iron for people who find that your basic SGI irons feel too harsh and just aren’t quite forgiving enough. But while Bridgestone corporate is approaching its 85th birthday, Bridgestone Golf in North America can be considered pre-pubescent at only 10 years old. Get the best deals on Bridgestone Golf Iron Sets when you shop the largest online selection at I love Bridgestone, but they really need to improve their website. Maybe it is for the golf equipment niche… I think it speaks more to the state of business that honesty is being used as a marketing tool. “The only thing a golfer needs is more daylight.” - BenHogan, I would gladly drive say 50 miles 2b ball fit`d & 2 hit sum Bridgestone woods & irons. If you’re in a market share dogfight, it’s to your advantage to have the biggest dog in the fight. The parent company killed off Tour Stage in order to unify its global golf business under a single brand name: Bridgestone Golf. Back in 2011, Bridgestone gave us the very well-received J40 series of irons and woods (MyGolfspy loved them all, especially the driver). I have always loved the look of Bridgestone clubs and often play their balls but I don’t see myself playing their clubs until they offer them in left handed. I’d love to try Bridgestone clubs but they just don’t have a space at my local Dicks or Golf Galaxy or Golfsmiths. If all OEM’s did this, then we could go back to the time long, long ago when all clubs were sold out of green grass pro shops and the big box stores would be gone. “Some companies buy the Tour and TV. I have these J36 irons in all pockey cavity style. Clean up your language and you may get more credibility. Always a fan of Bridgestone Golf back to the Precept ball for these exact reasons. I loved reading this article. Thank you KMD for your service! Goofy stuff like this drove me nuts. Love it or hate it, those companies command your attention and, quite often, your money. No worries Al – thanks for reading and contributing! Even his parents talking to him was considered by him to be “preaching at him”, and he had a condescending view that nobody could tell him anything. $789 (for 7), steel. I would like to know what is the compression of the e6 Bridgestone ball and can I use it since am a senior and don’t hit a long distance off the tee. I only saw pissed once and hell twice. You know what I’m talking about – the stuff that makes you fire up the ol’ laptop and let the world know you’re mad as hell, and you’re not going to take it anymore. I decided to take a shot on Bridgestone J15 CB’s after reading a lot of great reviews. You can go to and we will ship them to you. Seems to me maybe their biggest promotion is their ball line maybe they feel that is where the profit is. After returning the demos, I ended up buying a set of J15DF irons. It’s also a reference to another recent article about the Pebble Beach Pro Am, in which the author, Tony Covey, editor of MGS, called it a “shit show” and used profanity more than once. When it comes to irons for better players, it’s often the same story over and over. Doing right by the customer is a recurring theme with Bridgestone. I’m guessing “Outrageous Marketing Claims” and “Too Many/Too Frequent Product launches are somewhere near the top of your “Hate” list. Bridgestone J15 CB. But if you can bypass that, the Bridgestone JGR has everything you need in an irons. These irons feel like a dream when you hit them. Bridgestone website is pathetic compared to most manufacturers. The Bridgestone J15 DPF - standing for Dual Pocket Forged ... £699.00 YEAR: from 2015. I stand corrected, should spend a little more time thinking about this before shooting from hip…. Cons: Perhaps the only downside to this irons is the looks. PHYZ has only been around since it’s introduction in 2011, so barely over 3 years. Won some gift cards to crapsmith uggh Golfsmith so I ended up with about 5 dozen. I use this language but I don’t in front of my 87 yr old Mom who dislikes profanity. In Bridgestone’s case, the four year break meant something else entirely. More power to them if that’s what they want to be. Just because one is writing to an adult audience doesn’t mean one has to use “adult”, i.e. These irons come with the Nippon shaft, and the regular flex is stiffer than most. Good piece on Bridgestone, a company I really like, but who is engaged in Hype now? In 1951, Bridgestone was the first company in Japan to begin selling rayon cord tyres, and a five-year project to modernize production facilities was started. The play program seems similar to Warrior golf but I am sure it is better. Back in 2011, Bridgestone gave us the very well-received J40 series of irons and woods (MyGolfspy loved them all, especially the driver). Out of mind. It designs and manufactures a full range of golf equipment including balls , clubs , and accessories utilizing both the Bridgestone and Precept brand names. good read….i’m in the market for new irons this year, BStone has a couple models i’d like to try out, but there are no retailers that carry their clubs within 2 hours of me….that’s a problem. If all someone wants is a box set from Wal-Mart, so be it. And then? He’s the best writer in golf. We reported on rumblings of Bridgestone’s plans for the US golf market over a year and a half ago. About as honest a statement you will ever find. I have a nephew who used to talk that way when he was around 21 years old. We Searched 8 top-quality Bridgestone golf irons over the recent year. But having disjointed brands across the world is just not ideal in really telling our story.” –, “If the competitor’s ball is better for you, we’ll tell you that. So when I heard that Bridgestone had a new line out, I had to take a look. Cars, sunglasses and clothing companies used by golfers all use max hype to sell their products. So why would you alienate those that need to hear your message just because of colorful words that can easily be replaced and do nothing to further any given piece? Shop for Bridgestone golf equipment. Calling in an order was like sitting thru a root canal… but I do recommend their products. Long. With that said, yesterday’s stealth announcement of the new JGR CB Forged irons is kind of confusing. We are more than ok with losing credibility/readers in return for being true to ourselves and our readers. If you don’t have distribution, you don’t have market share. Bridgestone e6 golf balls have been used by amateur golfers for the better part of 15 years thanks to its soft feel and low compression that Bridgestone has consistently delivered. You can’t even figure out how to adjust a new driver from these three company’s and “Bang” there are six new drivers on the shelves. “We’re never going to be a company that just releases product, with no real benefits over the previous product, just to hit specific sales goals. Last year I received the New J15 MB irons and fell in love with them from the first day I had them in my hands. We ended up on a jam up deal on bags and used clubs. The combination of the quality of these irons and lack of mainstream popularity makes this Plus One Golf’s #1 Most Underrated Iron. '&l='+l:'';j.async=true;j.src= Right now, my fear for the equipment category is that many major manufacturers are just looking for innovations that create a marketing story as opposed to innovations that directly impact the consumer. “We wanted to create a whole new category of iron with the JGR Hybrid,” says Josh Kinchen, Bridgestone’s Golf Club & Accessories Marketing Manager. Just a heads up to anyone looking for new set of irons A few online retailers are selling brand new Bridgestone Tour B X-CBP iron sets 5-PW for $430 shipped!! what does the web site has to do with their clubs? I have a more affectionate feeling towards Bridgestone Golf now. profane, language. When asked about his favorite club – in this line … '&l='+l:'';j.async=true;j.src=
 Bridgestone Tour B-JGR HF2 Irons. I would order several custom sets of irons(shafts) 4-PW. The Bridgestone Golf J15DF irons provide ultimate distance, control, and feel for … As a Canadian Bridgestone junkie my only comment is…. ... although many lofts appear higher than most sets of clubs I've been testing this year. Bridgestone does have a program on their website to try clubs which is good also. Any local professional should be able to do a fitting…then you order the clubs through them…they make a little money, you get fit…it’s a win win! It takes a while to get used to playing your new club and it’s already so yesterday for major brands. I am of the opinion that the reason to write an article is to reach an audience that needs to see/read the message and sometimes MyGolfSpy seems to go out of it’s way to alienate that very audience and I just wondered why. Bridgestone Year Club Model Shaft Description Shaft Manufacture Flex Shaft Wt. Last year by accident I discovered the Treo Soft Bridgestone ball and fell in love with it. “We offer high end, premium clubs with a focus on forged irons. Gear Reviews. I had always admired the good looks of the J40 Cavity Backs. Bridgestone Golf globally is a very important piece of the Bridgestone business, mainly because we talk to a very premium consumer. I’m in a relationship with Mizuno right now but use a Bridgestone ball. Not in my house thanks. (function(w,d,s,l,i){w[l]=w[l]||[];w[l].push({'gtm.start': He’s pretty much said that to be so in the forums, so folks shouldn’t really expect a change. The PHYZ line is something we’ve rarely touched on in the blog but, with the brand restructuring at Bridgestone, PHYZ has come more into the spotlight, as the Bridgestone lineup targeting Japan’s largest segment of golfers, the average golfer. To help you to choose the best suit golf irons, we are here to discuss our research and findings of one of the best golf irons in the market, called the Bridgestone j15 irons. The rentals run about a month. But even incremental changes in equipment market share are challenging, especially in a static golf market. Bring your own equipment to compare. We were allowed to price that used stuff for what we wanted to and done really good. The marketing budgets as a percentage for both may very well be the same, but the bigger dog has a bigger dish. Secondly, it ensures you to counter all your swing, forgiveness, speed accuracy, distance hurdles, and hitting shot issues and also come up with some advanced technology features and a solid … I … Tried to find out where or who sells Bridgestone here. Most of us curse once in a while. Seems childish to me. ... Bridgestone added the technology features below the unassuming clubhead. The Bridgestone J15 CB was released in 2015 and has developed a cult following over the last five years. Bridgestone Golf has gained lots of recognition in recent years with the media campaign revolving around its B330 and B330s golf balls and the fitting system they use to match players with the balls. Model: Bridgestone JGR CB Forged Irons Available Lofts: 5-AW Stock Shaft: True Temper XP 95 Retail Price: $899.00 steel, $949.00 graphite Availability:11/1/2016 If you’re a lover of forged irons, it’s hard to go wrong with Bridgestone. Ohhhhh, you were just trying to get our attention with the hype? All of our sets of clubs are stocked and sold as complete sets. It is what it is and it doesn’t pretend to be anything else. It won’t take long. Our golf clubs are crafted to be different so your next shot can be your best. Continuing their tradition in offering the best quality, J15 family has the clean and classic design with cutting-edge technologies and the precision that players have waited for. Our goal is to create loyalty and trust. Kudos MyGolf Spy. Shouldn’t that be the focus all the time? I live in Singapore. Interested to read Part two. One is a game improving iron the other a blade, which is not the point. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Bridgestone Golf Men's J40 Dual Pocket Cavity Irons 5-PW (Right Handed, PX Flighted 5.0 degrees, Regular) at Bridgestone Year Club Model Shaft Description Shaft Manufacture Flex Shaft Wt. We all wonder “what’s the real difference from the 2015 to the 2016 version of this club/that ball/etc.” (or in the case of Taylormade, what’s the difference from the June version to the December version), but we all still clamor for the extra yard or two, don’t we? Identify which Bridgestone golf irons fits you best. Bridgestone also has one of the most unique methods of letting potential customers try their clubs. Most grown ups I know talk this way in private but do not talk this way in a business environment. more info on the bridgestone j15 df irons From, January 7, 2015 A two-piece iron made from forged 1025-carbon steel, the J15DF has a compact design and a … Good looks, excellent feel. Types Of Golf Irons January 15, 2021 Read More » Best Irons For Mid Handicappers He loves telling stories, writing about golf and golf travel, and enjoys classic golf equipment. Watch commercials, follow stats, and see how Bridgestone contributes to their success. The information is listed in alphabetical order by manufacturer name and then model name. And if your dog is named Bridgestone, you might as well let the big dog eat. I mean, what really pisses you off? That may be the very definition of irony since the lineup, from driver to wedge, is at the very least the equal of anything on the market today. I live in Winnipeg Canada and I get most of my equipment on kiijiji at bargain basement prices. thanks Andy, I did see that on the website….will probably do that this spring when I look to demo some different irons….only problem is, not having someone to ‘fit’ me for shaft/lie/length/etc…. What Bridgestone’s doing isn’t ground-breaking. For a very small shipping charge, you can “rent” selected clubs or combinations of clubs. Dia Butt Dia. In Japan Bridgestone Golf is barely a toddler, only a 2 year old brand. The J15 Driving Forged irons are a new category, they have a "players" club look with "game-improvement" performance. When the major brands started to steepen their new model intro cycle at the expense of innovation, I changed to Japanese Domestic brands. In that regard, we sell the truth.” –, “The big companies out there say they’re going to reign it in, but they never really do. I bought mine for less than $200 and love them. I have no problem with six month releases , I procrastinate so much about buying newer equipment that by the time I decide to go for it ,the price is at a point where it’s what the hell can’t go wrong at that price.

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