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App Gallery offers workarounds for some Google and other popular apps. The Huawei App Gallery sees over 500 monthly active users. For example, app categories don’t seem to be ranked according to ratings or downloads, making it hard to sort the good from the bad. Those two stores are trustworthy, and we were sure than any app we installed from there would work properly without GMS. For instance, Transit and Ola Cabs refused to launch without GMS. Users can download apps without worrying about security issues. Das Huawei P Smart 2021 im Test: Das Handy ist dem Datenblatt nach ein solides und preiswertes Einsteiger-Smartphone. I bought this phone a couple of months ago and now I am facing a problem with screen burn in whenever I open an app for a long time with high brightness. They’re still interwoven with the odd more dubious app when searching, but this is a vast improvement from the situation just a few months ago. But it’s the apps that count, and Huawei still has a very long way to go there. I imagine this situation will improve with time, as Huawei has a large install base and is investing heavily in developer support. Support from 5 km to the marathon running training program. you have existing subscriptions), then there is not a lot you can do. Android app App discovery remains the biggest issue with App Gallery. Huawei AppGallery APK - Android App 10.4.1 Deutsch: Mit dieser APK holen Sie sich die AppGallery von Huawei auf jedes Android-Gerät. huawei appgallery. This is Huawei’s own application market and is the primary way to download apps on your Huawei smartphone. However, it certainly feels as usable as Samsung’s Galaxy Store, if not more so. Wir werden euch zum Thema Huawei P40 Pro und Android+EMUI noch ein … You can tell these apps by their “Get” rather than “Install” button. Web browser: You can sign into YouTube Music, but the audio pauses as soon as you switch from the browser to another app. Huawei App Gallery: Huawei sucht nach Entwicklern. Das Huawei dank des US Embargos auf Google Services verzichten muss, ist hinlänglich bekannt. Huawei’s App Gallery has definitely improved lately. Huawei has it's own versions of apps for email, calendar, music and video playback, and, a photo gallery. Um Huawei Apps einfach zu löschen oder verwalten, benötigen wir die Hilfe von einem Intelligenzen Datenverwaltungstool – AnyDroid. However, this also means that Huawei phones in the foreseeable future will be attractive either to power users who won't mind juggling several sources of apps or to basic users who simply wouldn't care about the somewhat limited app selection. P.S. But this goes beyond the scope of this review as it's unlikely that the average user will go that route. It’s also fairly easy to login to Gmail or Outlook via the official EMUI10 email app, which lacks all the little bells and whistles and sharp-looking material design of Gmail but is otherwise functional enough. Amazon Prime Video • PLEX • JioTV • Hotstar. I should note that Huawei’s Phone Clone application can copy many apps from your old phone. Perhaps the most important change though is that the questionable apps that used to dominate the store have (mostly) been shoved out of sight. The company has reformed its features and added the most needed apps like Hungama , Bolt , … App Gallery is a fine piece of software, but people don't like change. It also features a four-layer detection system to ensure app security, and leverages proprietary algorithms to enable useful content recommendations. RSS feed App ratings and reviews are easy to read, and it feels very familiar to discover other apps made by devel… If you're okay with non-Google navigation, there are plenty of options. Spotify is already available, as is TikTok, so you won’t lack entertainment. Someone made a comment above that he has become a pawn ... well, alternatives are always available on the internet world, just search through the internet and you get the answer you want (sometime you need to search harder though). The app works perfectly with any smartphone that has the Android operating system, but you do need to have the Huawei mobile services app installed in your smartphone for it to work correctly. We had better luck with Netflix on the P40 Lite which was quite surprising. Huawei just needs more developers to get on board and starting using its HMS core alternative to Google’s GMS. JioSaavn is available to subscribers in India. Taxi apps) will not work. These can be added to the home-screen for quick access in lieu of an installed app. However, Huawei has a neat trick for some of these apps that aren’t yet hosted on its store but are available in APK form from official sources. Huawei AppGallery redesign will make it easier to find good apps. Amazon Appstore: As we said, Facebook and Amazon are 'best friends', so you can find the Messenger app there. Next, we resorted to the Amazon Appstore which was our second source of apps when we couldn't find something on the AppGallery. Ach und ich habe es probiert mit einen Huawei P40 Lite, Build-Nummer : 10.1.0. Helo and ShareChat are available for India, JioCall works just fine (if you are a Jio subscriber, naturally). See the images below captured from October 2019. We're sure there are other third-party options, too. Huawei pozyskuje aplikacje do App Gallery. Most new Huawei Phones nowadays come with the Huawei AppGallery, Huawei's own App Store. Według dostawczy, czyli giganta produkcji i sprzedaży telefonów Huawei w App Gallery dostępnych jest około 45 tysięcy aplikacji, a miesięcznie do sklepu zagląda nawet blisko 400 milionów użytkowników. Sept. 8, 2020 9:03 p.m. PT Uber and Lyft work just fine if you want to hail a ride, Moovit will guide you through public transport just fine, too. Those that don’t get a fail. Just two of the apps I use regularly were available through it, and nothing I use is particularly niche. TikTok • Facebook • Instagram • ShareChat. On the whole, Huawei has done a pretty good job bringing its store up to speed in the past few months. Huawei Health ist eine offizielle Huawei App, mit der du deine Gesundheit und körperliche Aktivität überwachen kannst. Huawei recommends that you use Huawei’s own Phone Clone app.

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