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NEW DELHI: India will undertake multiple operational firings of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile. The BrahMos has currently been configured for aerial deployment with the Su-30MKI as its carrier. Moreover, because its trajectory cannot be predicted it is difficult to defend against. My priorities will be indigenisation of missile development in India, capacity building for larger production, meeting the production orders ahead of schedule to ensure delivery of missiles on time and to ensure different versions of BRAHMOS missiles to meet the aspirations and requirements of the defence force including Army, Navy & Air Force. Defence scientists are already working on achieving a 90-degree steep-dive capability. Missile Technology Control Regime BrahMos successfully hit the intended target in two and a half minutes of launch. The operational BrahMos regiments are:[14][217], India has deployed Brahmos along with long range cruise missile Nirbhay and Akash surface to air missile to deter Chinese aggression along the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh. Its destructive power is enhanced due to large kinetic energy on impact. Notably, India has locally developed and successfully tested a seeker (responsible for tracking the target) for the missile that guides it during the terminal phase (the final phase of a missile’s flight trajectory). BRAHMOS, the supersonic cruise missile was successfully test fired on 18th October from Indian Navy’s indigenously-built stealth destroyer INS Chennai, hitting a target in the Arabian Sea. [89][90] This made Indian Air Force the first in the world to have successfully tested such a type of air launched trisonic-class missile on a sea-based target. In 2019, India upgraded the missile with a new range of 650 km with plans to eventually upgrade all missiles to a range of 1500 km. [22] A hypersonic version of the missile, BrahMos-II, is also presently under development with a speed of Mach 7–8 to boost aerial fast strike capability. The inclusion of the powerful weapon system in the Indian Army has given it a distinct operational advantage to knock down any enemy target even in the most difficult and hidden terrains. The name BrahMos is a portmanteau formed from the names of two rivers, the Brahmaputra of India and the Moskva of Russia. [54] After the third test, Lt Gen Noble Thamburaj, said that the Indian Army wanted the BrahMos to achieve high standards of accuracy and congratulated the scientists on behalf of the Indian Army. Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman congratulated the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) for a successful strike of the BrahMos missile which flew "in its designated trajectory and hit the target with pinpoint accuracy". First off, Hypersonic brahmos is still at least 3-5 years away from induction and pakistan has not designed any indigenous MLRS system as of now. Air-launched, anti-ship variant (In induction), Air-launched, land-attack variant (In induction). The company was established on 12 February 1998 with an authorised share capital of US$250 million. [22], 40 IAF SU-30MKI are to undergo modifications to be equipped to carry the missile. The liquid ramjet or the second stage then takes the missile closer to 3 Mach speed in cruise phase. It is the fastest supersonic cruise missile in the world. 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of Su-30MKI armed with Brahmos", Brahmos Missile Finally Takes Flight on Indian Sukhoi Fighter, "Brahmos Flight test from IAF's Su-30MKI fighter aircraft", "IAF first in world to fire BrahMos missile from air", "Successful Firing of Brahmos Air Launched Missile from Su-30 MKI Aircraft", "Work to integrate Brahmos on 40 Sukhoi aircraft begins", First Indian BrahMos Squadron Commissioned, "The Hindu : BrahMos launch a 'big breakthrough, "Anti-ship version of BrahMos proves its mettle", "Supersonic cruise missile BrahMos ready to join Navy", "BrahMos test-fired successfully for 12th time", "BrahMos missile test-fired successfully", "Fourteenth flight trial of land version of Brahmos Successful", "BrahMos software being modified to overcome range problem", "Supersonic BrahMos successfully tested in Pokhran", "BRAHMOS missile proves its mettle once again", "Vertical launch of BrahMos missile successful", "Brahmos Block III Successfully Test Fired", "BrahMos capability in mountain warfare tested", "BrahMos cruise missile testfired successfully - Times of India", "User trial of BrahMos Block-III supersonic cruise missile successful", "BrahMos cruise missile test fired successfully", "BrahMos missile test fire at Pokhran today", "BrahMos tactical version fired off Odisha coast", "Brahmos missile flight tested successfully off Orissa coast", "Brahmos supersonic cruise missile with new systems test fired at Chandipur", "BrahMos' developmental flight successful", "India test-fires BrahMos missile with new systems", "Supersonic missile BrahMos successfully test-fired", "BrahMos missile successfully test-fired", "BrahMos gains sub-strategic super weapon capability", "India test-fires manoeuvrable version of BRAHMOS ::", "BrahMos missile successfully test fired from ship", "Army test-fires BrahMos in Pokhran - Times of India", "BrahMos successfully penetrates hardened targets in Army test", "BRAHMOS missile successfully fired in salvo mode ::", "BrahMos missile test-fired from warship INS Kolkata", "BrahMos missile test-fired successfully from INS Kolkata", "BrahMos Missile Achieves High Accuracy Against Hidden Land Targets", "BrahMos supersonic cruise missile successfully test-fired", "BrahMos missile test-fired from Indian Navy's newest ship INS Kochi, hits target", "BrahMos Missile Test-Fired From New Naval Ship, Hits Target", "India successfully test-fires BrahMos missile from INS Kolkata", "India Successfully Test-Fires BrahMos Supersonic Cruise Missile, Developed With Russian Help", "Indian Army test-fires BrahMos cruise missile successfully", "BrahMos missile test-fired, meets all flight parameters", "Indian Army Successfully Test-Fires Supersonic BrahMos Land Attack Missile", "Indian Army successfully test-fires BrahMos missile at Pokhran", "TROPEX 2017: Indian Navy displays might; fires Brahmos missile from INS Chennai", "Navy successfully tests land-attack BrahMos supersonic missile - Times of India", "Indian Army successfully test-fires advanced Block-III version of Brahmos cruise missile", "Indian Army test fires advanced BrahMos cruise missile", "Successful Test Firing of Brahmos with Indigenous Seeker", "India successfully test-fires BrahMos supersonic cruise missile", "BrahMos successfully test-fired for 2nd consecutive day", "Successful Test Firing of Brahmos to Validate Service Life Extension", "Vertical steep dive version of Brahmos missile successfully test fired", "India's BrahMos missile tested in steep-dive mode", "Land-attack version of BrahMos missile successfully test-fired", "02 BrahMos Surface to Surface missiles were fired by IAF at Trak Island in the Andaman Nicobar group of islands on 21 & 22 Oct 19. Induction of the first version of BRAHMOS Weapon Complex in the Indian Navy commenced from 2005 with INS Rajput as the first ship. [80] On 22 October 2008, A. Sivathanu Pillai, Chief Controller, R&D, DRDO and CEO and managing director of BrahMos Aerospace, announced that trials and tests were to be carried out by 2011, and the IAF would get its own version of BrahMos by 2012. The launch from the aircraft was smooth & the missile followed the desired trajectory … The government had earlier also approved the deployment of Block-III version of the BrahMos missiles, which have “steep dive, trajectory manoeuver, and top-attack capabilities” for mountain warfare in Arunachal Pradesh, as was reported by TOI. This version of the BrahMos missile will use air-breathing scramjet propulsion technology and would be more fuel-efficient than a traditional rocket-powered missile. India conducts yet another test of BrahMos, touted as the world’s fastest cruise missile jointly manufactured with Russia, in a bid to find buyers amongst Southeast Asian countries and the Gulf. The acquisition will be done through a "government-to-government deal". [81], On 10 January 2009, it was reported that two Indian Air Force Su-30MKI fighter jets were sent to Russia for a retrofit program that would enable them to launch the missile. The precision strike weapon with Indian-made seeker flew in its designated trajectory and hit the target with pinpoint accuracy,” she said in a tweet. China is one of the main nations that has objections about its neighbours getting these missiles for their navies. Fired from a moving ship at a decommissioned vessel, First production missile integrated at BrahMos Integration Complex, Hyderabad, Failed to correctly discriminate target located within a cluster, First successful test in a target discriminatory role, Operational test of the second army regiment, Developmental flight test with 25 new subsystems and components, Tested with a GLONASS navigation system derived from, Tested in steep dive-cum-target discrimination mode, First test with advanced guidance system and indigenously built software algorithm, 2 missiles tested in top attack configuration, Tested Indian fuel management system and a few non-metallic airframe components, Tested to validate service life extension of the missile under extreme weather conditions. [202] Another assembly line is being established at Pilani.[203]. Brahmos’ earlier range of 300 km, made it impossible to hit targets deep inside Pakistan with the supersonic cruise missile. On 30 September 2020, India successfully test-fired an extended range BrahMos supersonic cruise missile. During live firing on Wednesday, the weapon scored a direct and precise hit on the designated target while traveling at mach 2.8-3 velocity in complete trajectory. [28][29] The upgrade will also be applied to all existing BrahMos missiles. It is a joint venture between the Russian Federation's NPO Mashinostroyeniya and India's Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), who together have formed BrahMos Aerospace. The BrahMos missile system is continuously being reinvented to be used across multiple platforms, different trajectory and different targets as guided by India’s ‘Missile Man’ and former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Mishra said during the inauguration of second … [17] A Su-30MKI is able to only carry one BrahMos missile. [1][2] The ship-launched and land-based missiles can carry a 200 kg warhead, whereas the aircraft-launched variant (BrahMos A) can carry a 300 kg warhead. Twin firings was carried out as a part of the routine operational training. The missile was test-fired from the integrated test range launching complex-3 (LC-3) at Chandipur around 11.35 am. The tested missile was able to successfully follow a predetermined trajectory, and hit a hardened concrete target with perfect accuracy given its supersonic velocity. [188], The former President of India, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam asked BrahMos Aerospace to develop an advanced version of the BrahMos cruise missile to maintain India's lead in the field. Trajectory of Hypersonic Gliding Vehicles (HGV) designed and optimized generally is an especial path with actual task requirements, which mostly provide feasible flight information for the design of guidance and control system. Source This is the second time an a ir-launched test of the 2.5-ton supersonic air-to-surface version of the BrahMos missile was carried out successfully. BrahMos is a medium-range ramjet supersonic cruise missile that can be launched from submarine, ships, aircraft, or land. It can be released from the height of 500 to 14,000 metres (1,640 to 46,000 ft). Dr. A. Sivathanu Pillai, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, BrahMos Aerospace Private Limited, described the June 13 launch as "a big success". The first test flight is expected to take place in 2022–24. “We will do the final test-firing of the BrahMos from Sukhoi soon,” Sudhir Mishra, the CEO and MD of BrahMos Aerospace, told ThePrint on the sidelines of Aero India in Bengaluru. The 2.5-ton air-launched version of the BrahMos (BrahMos-A) missile, named after India's Brahmaputra River and Russia's Moskva River, has an operational range of around 300 km. [79] An expert committee from the DRDO and the Indian Air Force (IAF) had ruled out any structural modifications to the Su-30MKI to carry the missile. It carries a conventional warhead weighing 200 to 300 kgs. [240] The procurement process of BrahMos was already in the advanced stage by March 2020 but the COVID-19 pandemic halted the process and caused the Philippines reprioritizing its budget. [43] On 5 March 2008, the land attack version of the missile was fired from the destroyer INS Rajput and the missile hit and destroyed the right target among a group of targets. The launch was smooth; it fell for about 100 to 150 m, ignited and followed the desired trajectory, before directly hitting the target ship. Modern cruise missiles are capable of travelling at supersonic or high subsonic speeds, are self-navigating, and are able to fly on a non-ballistic, extremely low-altitude trajectory. [238], In October 2019, Philippines was reported to be in discussion with India for a possible BrahMos missile acquisition project. The government had earlier approved the deployment of Block-III version of the BrahMos missiles, which have “steep dive, trajectory manoeuver, and top-attack capabilities” for mountain warfare, in Arunachal Pradesh as a deterrent against China, as was reported by TOI. New Delhi: Supersonic Cruise Missile BrahMos was successfully flight tested in Pokhran test range, Rajasthan, on Thursday morning. [24][25], In 2016, as India became a member of the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), India and Russia are now planning to jointly develop a new generation of Brahmos missiles with 800 km-plus range and an ability to hit protected targets with pinpoint accuracy. [16] It is a joint venture between the Russian Federation's NPO Mashinostroyeniya and India's Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), who together have formed BrahMos Aerospace. The system weighs around 17 grams, and gives accuracy below five metres using Indian, US and Russian navigation satellites. [192][201] The Brahmos headquarters complex is located at New Delhi and consists of a design centre and aerospace knowledge centre. of Madhya Pradesh, Motivational Session with the ignited minds of Apeejay STYA University, BrahMos in DRDO Exhibition 2016, Parliament of India, BrahMos Day Celebrations, 12th and 13th June 2015, The Machinist Super CEO 2015 award and The Machinist Super Shop Floor 2015, BrahMos Awarded as 'BEST JV' at Aerospace & Defense Awards 2015, Shri Manohar Parrikar, honourable Defence Minister visited BrahMos Complex, Hyderabad on 7 Feb 2015, Majestic Display of BRAHMOS Weapon System during the 66th Republic Day Celebrations on 26 January 2015 at Rajpath, New Delhi, Seminar on Innovation: Torch bearer of 21st Century during Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2015, Gandhinagar on 12 Jan 2015, CEO & MD, BrahMos Aerospace meets with India's Missile Man, Shri Sudhir Kumar Mishra joins BrahMos as its new CEO & MD, BrahMos Missile Featuring Indigenous Booster Successfully Flight Tested, Message of Condolence on the Passing of Dr. Alexander Naumovich Semaev, BRAHMOS Supersonic Cruise Missile, with major indigenous systems, successfully test-fired, Defence Minister chairs first DAC meeting, clears BRAHMOS mobile coastal battery for Navy, Eastern Command Unit Test-Fired BRAHMOS Missile from Car Nicobar Islands, "Time has come for BrahMos Aerospace to work on Mark-II version of BRAHMOS so that we will still be the market leader in hypersonic cruise missiles." [44][45] The vertical launch of BrahMos was conducted on 18 December 2008 from INS Ranvir. Ship-launched, land-attack variant (operational), Land-launched, land-attack variant (operational), Land-launched, anti-ship variant (In induction, tested on 10 December 2010), BrahMos Block II land-attack variant (Operational), BrahMos Block III land-variant (being inducted). Supersonic cruise missile BrahMos was today successfully test fired from the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Chandipur. and that "The problem was in the software, not hardware". Air-breathing ramjet propulsion is much more fuel-efficient than rocket propulsion, giving the BrahMos a longer range than a pure rocket-powered missile would achieve. India joining the 34-nation . Brahmos ALCM, weighing 2.5 ton, is the heaviest weapon to be deployed on India's Su-30 fighter aircraft modified by state-run aerospace behemoth Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd to carry weapons. [41][42], BrahMos was first test-fired on 12 June 2001 from the Integrated Test Range (ITR), Chandipur in a vertical launch configuration. [73][74] The missile can be launched from a depth of 40 to 50 m (130 to 160 ft). To carry the missile, the Su-30MKI undercarriage had to be strengthened, which also required new hard points and structural modifications. INS Rajput was the first ship on which the missile was first inducted in 2005. Stealth technology and guidance system with advanced embedded software provides the missile with special features. The latest Block-III “steep-dive” version will now be have “a combined high-low trajectory” to evade enemy defence systems.

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